Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear Reader, this is a poem dedicated to my daughter. I wrote it after hearing about a hard trip she made to the store—a common ordeal for a single mom.

Dearest K. Bug, and anyone single and seeking a mate: Seek Jesus. He’ll come to you, but you just might find He’s hiding in someone else’s skin. So—if you’re looking—you’ll know it’s Him.

It should have been simple,

Of course, that’s never how it goes

But the shoes were on sale,

And not worn out at the toes

Just a few minutes is all it would take

If the kids were good, and the car didn’t break

With hope in her heart that she wouldn’t fall apart she whispered

“God I’ve heard you’re with me but right now I could use some skin

Someone to help with the children, open the stroller and be a friend”

She wondered about the man she loved and if he’d ever be true

She parked near the store

A baby bottle rolled out the door

As she changed the diaper on Tommy

And said “Please be good for mommy”

She ran inside

And grabbed her size

Just the ones she wanted

But they weren't on sale

And her face turned pale

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the money”

The people laughed, but it wasn’t funny

Johnny wanted to play

When he pulled the display

The shoes fell to the floor

As they ran out the door

With a pounding head and face turned red she cried

“God I’ve heard you’re with me but right now I could use some skin

Times like these I wonder if I should take him back again”

“He said he wanted You

Please show me if it's true"

Babies and bottles and bags and stroller

Buckled and filled and loaded

She took a breath and lifted her head, and saw him standing there

Hand in hand with some new lady, he strutted with pride and flare

“God I’ve heard you’re with me but right now I could use some skin

Someone just to hold me and help me live again

God I’ve heard you’re with me, but right now I could use some skin

God I’ve heard you are with me, but right now I really could use some skin”

As tears fell from the skies

And even more from her eyes

She looked at her babies in the rear-view mirror

And then cried so only God can hear her

“God I'll trust You—even through this pain

You walked in my shoes, so I could live again

I know you’re with me, and that You put on skin

You became a baby so You could live within"

It had been awhile

But she found her smile

And at least she knew

She'd make it through

"God I know you’re with me, thanks for putting on skin

God I know you’re with me, I can feel you within"

A knock on the window caused her to brace

There stood a handsome man with a familiar face

She’d seen him in her church before—over a few pews

And now he stood in the rain...holding a box of shoes

It started to pour

She pointed to the door

And as he slipped in

Her thought made her grin…

My—he has beautiful skin.


The end.


caryjo said...

I didn't get it when I read it the first time; was confused. However, when I re-read it a couple times I "saw" my husband. Yes, my kids were several years older; yes, life was different b/c of age, etc. But, having a giving, caring man from church dropped into my life suddenly everything changed. And, yes, I have had nicer shoes than ever before in my life.

So, NOW I truly understand your lovely story.

Doug Spurling said...

Hi Caryjo, thanks for stopping by. A relationship can be either the best or worst thing in a person's life... so glad you've found a good one. I appreciate you telling me about the confusion -- I revised for clarity sake.

S. Etole said...

shod with the gospel of peace ...

Doug Spurling said...

Susan, Amen.

Denise said...

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

Doug Spurling said...

Denise, nice to 'see' you. Thank-you.