Thursday, November 26, 2015

THANKS defined


Two words joined in such holy matrimony they really should be one—THANKYOU

But alas, they’re not.
 They’re two.
Separated by space.
Separate individuals.
Like you.
Like me.

Acknowledge. Recognize. Appreciate. Characterize the meaning of ‘THANK.’

THANK, alone, is a Medal Of Honor, without a chest to pin it on.
A trophy without a shelf to place it on
A ribbon without a wall to hang it on

THANK, alone, is a greeting card left in the box
A plaque in the dark
A painting never unveiled
A cookie never handed to a child
The Statue of Liberty, never finished, never given

THANK without giving is gold undiscovered buried dark in a cavern

But added to YOU it comes to life.
Becomes personal.
Brings a smile.
Joy and Laughter.
When given, it creates a holy matrimony.

If somehow through ways and means or cyber space, this THANKS finds its way to YOU know that it is not by chance or some fluke of circumstance.
Consider it an act of Grace, to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate:


We are family.

Lest we forget
To those who sacrifice
And for those who’ve died
To keep us free


Lest we be remiss
To The One Who paid the greatest respect, showed the greatest honor, acknowledged to the greatest degree, by paying the price, by being the ultimate sacrifice, was HE who laid down His Life, to set us free in this life and the next.
Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
Today, above all we do,

 We give thanks, to YOU.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What a five year old taught me about Santa, God and being thankful before...

I snuck out of Publics when the girls weren’t looking and walked next door to the Dollar General.  I picked out a writing tablet for one because she’s learning her ABC’s. And for the other: a notebook, with a cool design and Awesome written on the front, because she likes to take notes in church like the big folks. I threw in a bottle of glue since we couldn’t find any the other day when we were putting together my grandson’s little wooden sailboat.

I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but the truth be told, the reason I ducked out wasn’t because I’m such a great Papa. I just didn’t want to listen to the kids asking me for a hundred items an aisle. I can handle it most of the time. I use their constant asking as an opportunity to teach lessons about being thankful for what you have.  But not then, not that day.

I was weary from trying to learn a new venue for marketing my writing. I was nervous, because I’d taken so much time off work due to some health issues with my dad, that now my bank account was having health issues of its own. I just didn’t have room for a hundred extra items an aisle.

 I’d been fasting and praying and basically begging God for a breakthrough of some kind or another. To be honest, I was a little upset at God. I’d done my part but He wasn’t doing His.

I tossed the Dollar General bag on the passenger seat, thought about taking a nap. I looked at the seat, looked at the store, let out a sigh and slammed the door.
I heard them before I saw them.

“But I want it.”

“No, not today, maybe for Christmas.”

My wife and two granddaughters were hard at work. Roxy was holding a bag of something in one hand and reading out loud from the coupon she held in the other. The nine year old, Nevaeh, was organizing groceries in the cart. The youngest looked at me, grabbed my hand and pulled.

“Papa, come here I want—”

I shook my head.

She folded her five year old arms across her chest, dropped her head and stuck out her bottom lip.
I reached for her shoulder but she stepped away and stood stone still facing a shelf filled with something that was on sale—buy one get one free.

“Fina, don’t act like this.”

She made some kind of a grunt.

“Fina” (that’s short for Savannah).

“But Papa, I want that blue frog.”

 “Makah already told you no.” (Makah, we pronounce it: May-ka.  It’s the way one of the grandkids said grandma—and it stuck). By the way, Makah is the name of an Indian Tribe and it means: people generous with food. Which is interesting, because if Roxy sees you in the store picking out something she has a coupon for, she’ll give it to you. Then, she’ll tell you all about how to use coupons to get something dirt cheap. She saves all kinds of money—and then gives half the stuff away. Makah fits.


Fina made a huff, wrapped her arms tighter, stuck her bottom lip out further and her eyes got squinty.

I told Makah, “I’m taking her to the van.” Not out behind the woodshed, mind you. But to the van—for a time out—for a little sitting on the bench.

I got eyelevel with Fina and tried to look her in the eyes without knocking over the green beans she was having a staring contest with.

 She didn’t run away. That was good and I was glad, because I imagined her taking off down the aisle and me chasing after her only to get clotheslined by some Good Samaritan linebacker from the Miami Dolphins trying to guard a cute little blond haired green eyed angel of a child escaping from a crazy man.

“Fina, you can’t act like this—so we’re going to have to go wait in the van.”

She didn’t flinch.

I picked her up and carried her out the door.

We let the kettle cool before either of us spoke.

I knew she was ready to talk when she went upside down in her seat. Her head was on the floor and her feet hovered somewhere around the head rest. “Hey Papa, there’s a jar of peanuts under here, should I get it?”

I forgot why we were sitting in the van instead of helping Makah in the store. “Um, sure.” I was kind of hungry.

We opened the jar, we each tried one. It wasn’t very good. I swallowed mine and pushed a button for the side door to open. Fina spit hers out in the parking lot.

Then we had a talk.

We talked about how you’ll never have what you want until you want what you have. I reminded her she already had more toys than she could play with. I told her it wasn’t right to get upset because she didn’t get what she wanted.

 I looked at the Dollar General bag in the front seat. I let her know that I’d already bought her a gift, but now, I didn’t want to give it to her.

Fina said, “It’s almost Christmas, you know how come I know? See those sparkly things on that big pole?”

She pointed out the window and I looked at the red and white garland wrapped around the parking lot light poles. I nodded and wondered if she’d heard a word I said.

“But I thought it was Thanksgiving time, Papa.”

“It is—”and then I heard myself say something that did as much for me as it did for her, maybe more—“Thanksgiving comes before Christmas to teach us to be thankful before we receive.”

I thought about that. Be thankful before. I needed that. I felt like I’d been taken to the woodshed. “Does that make sense?”

“God makes the list for Santa uh-cuz Santa is busy with the elves.  And if you don’t want to be on the naughty list, like C.J. at school, ‘cuz he’s very very bad, you have to ‘preciate—that means say thank you for your toys and stuff, or, you won’t get no more…that’s why.”

I think too small. I want the blue frog and get upset if I can’t have it. God knows what I need. He’s made the list and the purchase. I nodded at Fina and looked at the plastic bag lying on the passenger seat. I handed it to her.

She smiled and said, "Thanks."

I nodded at her, looked up at Him and said, “Thanks.”

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving...everyday. 

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 23, 2015

FREE EBOOK sneak peak. Is it just a story, or a peak behind today's headlines?

“The old man pinned me with his eyes. He stared as if he knew me. But we’d never met. There’s no way I’d ever forget those eyes.

His wrinkled hands held something close to his chest. His eyes pierced at first, then softened, then shimmered. I thought he was about to cry, and then…thought I was.

His lip quivered a little and he started to speak, but then, instead, he held out something that looked like an old hand made journal—it was as weathered as the hand that held it.

He lowered his eyes to his trembling hand.

As soon as I dropped my eyes to the journal—he released it.
The wind hurled it to my left about three feet. I jumped. Snatched it up and turned around…they were gone.

All went silent. The wind stopped. The dust settled.

I didn't look for a chair, a rock or a stump. I dropped right where I stood…

“…Dear Friend, This will be my last entry in this journal— perhaps my last night on this earth.
I don't know you, but I have prayed for you...tomorrow we meet.

Today, for the first time in my life I have set foot on American soil.

My white clothed friend, who I am certain now, is an angel sent by God. He said he would take me to someone who would know what to do.

I trust God will guide you.

My friend, please forgive me for putting your life at risk.

There are those who do not want this information revealed. Death is a way of life for them. They will not hesitate to take yours.

Be prayerful my brother.

I am sitting in a hotel room. Independence Day lights the sky of this wonderful nation. I fear the rockets aglow in celebration will soon be rockets aglow in annihilation, unless America learns to celebrate her dependence on The God who gave her birth.

My attention turns to my sons.

One was to trained to lead Allah's army in war. The other, an instrument of change. A charismatic leader to usher in a new world order, Islam’s caliphate.

Puppets they have been. Both of them, pawns of the devil…

I give you this one charge–PRAY!”

Is it just a story, or is it a peak behind today's headlines?


Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Powerful And Effective Prayer Process

You were born for such a time as this. You can activate the most powerful force on earth, to propel you toward your purpose, right now in every area of your life.
Right now at this very moment, you and I have access to the most powerful force on earth.
Wait before you doubt it, consider it.
Just imagine…
The doctor’s report? You have the antidote.
Crumbling marriage? Activate the marriage maker.
What is it already!
What is this powerful force that can move mountains, heal, calm, restore, bring peace, strength and victory…
To see the answer and the rest of the story CLICK HERE

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Conspiracy Theory...or not

It is good for you to read this,
alas, it may cost me my life.
If I perish…I perish

The journal held secrets it needed to tell
Why they showed me, I do not know.
At first, I did not believe it was true.
Now I do.
So will you.
Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.
~ Jesus

To read the rest of the story...CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grand Opening


We moved. 

The name's the same, just a new location. Here: 

I know, it's not fancy. But, it suits me just fine.

Like any move, it takes work. And a sort of reckoning. A time to think about what's really worth keeping, and what needs to be left behind.

It gets so easy to hang onto things just because they came along (like all those knick-knacks from the garage sale). Or, those clothes you know you'll never fit in again. Or all that junk in the tool room. But someday, I might need that.

I had to do some house cleaning.

I looked at all the accumulated stuff over the years and found a golden thread. I pulled out the thread and left the rest.

That thread is this:

 The strength of family, the power of prayer and the battles that rage against them

Please click here to read more and while you're there leave a message and let me know what you think, okay? Thank you. 

ps: My granddaughter left this in our room last night. She didn’t want to bother me ‘cuz I was working so stinking hard on getting that site built, but she wanted to remind me what was really important.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Labyrinth

Garage sale-ing. 

That’s what we were doing.

We’d already been to a few. This garage sale just happened to be at a church. I parked near the back of the lot and walked backwards reading the sign as we headed toward the entrance.


My wife and grandkids started gawking at all the tables filled with games and clothes and every little thing a person could ever want…but nothing they’d ever really need.

What was needed was near. I could feel it. Just not in there. Not on those tables.  

It was outside…out back.  

I made my way back outside, away from the crowd, away from the noise, to the back of the parking lot.

To the place where weeds and wild flowers grew together partially blocking the painted wood sign hanging on a white picket fence.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Voice

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More than a story—it's a message.

A novel about the strength of family, the power of prayer and the battles that rage against them.

The only thing Mac wanted more than a good day of sailing, was a big, noisy, messy, happy, family...

 But, life happens and dreams sink.

Unseen battles rage and little things make a big difference.

Ricky didn't know it, but the moment he turned around and headed toward, The Voice, he opened his heart...and started a war.

God is near the brokenhearted and puts the lonely in families


What folks are saying about The Voice:

Monday, November 2, 2015

Discover your destiny, by following kids to the dumpster

 “I’m carrying it!”  
Maybe I should’ve had two bags of trash instead of one.
 “No, it’s my turn! You’ve carried it almost the whole way.” She grabbed for it.
He swung the plastic bag out of her reach.
I smiled and at the same time clenched my jaw, hoping the bag didn’t rip.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Why am I still scared of that dead man Papa?

It was an honest question, not entirely from out of the blue. Yet, it got me to thinking, maybe I'm scared, too.

"Why am I still scared of that dead man Papa?”