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Right now at this very moment, you and I have access to the most powerful force on earth.

Wait before you doubt it, consider it.
Just imagine…
The doctor’s report? You have the antidote.
Crumbling marriage? Activate the marriage maker.
What is this powerful force that can move mountains, heal, calm, restore, bring peace, strength and victory…
You’ve heard of it, I know. But perhaps you’ve never used it, not seriously anyway. Not with intensity and passion. Not with excellence and expectation.
Do you want to move some mountains?
You were born for such a time as this. You can activate the most powerful force on earth, to propel you toward your purpose, right now in every area of your life.
My passion and calling is intercession (and the name of my sailboat, too). If you'd like, I'd be honored to stand with you in prayer. 
I pray you believe me when I say I pray for you… I really do.
I know my God, and I believe in the power of prayer. With Him all things are possible. He wants to help…He’s waiting to be asked.
Here’s the thing. For over fifteen years God was training me for this. I just didn’t know it. The powerful and effective prayer process is: 
  • acknowledge 
  • assess 
  • apply 
  • ask 

I know how this works because I’ve done it for years at my job like the Centurion who said to Jesus, I get this authority thing, because I do it for my job. I tell my servant go, and he goes. I tell him, do this, and he does it. So, I know, Jesus, all You’ve got to do is say the word and it’ll be done.
I get prayer, because I’ve done it for my job. As an insurance adjuster. I know that sounds weird--but hear me out.  
I acknowledge someone has filed a claim. They want a resolution. They want restoration. They want help. I assess the situation, (get the details). Apply proper coverage per policy guidelines. Ask the carrier for coverage.
You know where I’m going now, right. Let’s say you have a problem. Whatever it is doesn’t matter, its handled the same way. Acknowledge the need. Assess the situation (get the details). Apply proper coverage per Biblical guidelines. Ask The Carrier of carriers for coverage.
I get that.  But He didn’t teach me that for me…He did it for you.
A gift and calling isn’t to be held and hoarded—it’s to be given away for free.   
Let’s talk to Him, now.
LORD, our Father, kind and true. We have Your Words written in black and white and also in the color of the blood You shed. We believe in You. And we know that You don’t lie.
So here we are, right now. According to your instructions we release anyone we haven’t forgiven. Now, LORD, please release us, too. Set us free to worship You with fullness of joy. You know we are afraid, You know our doubt. But even still, please see our faith. That little bit that has us standing here before You now, with trembling lip and pounding heart. We dare to believe that what has been isn’t what always will be. We trust our trials into Your hands. We pray You will meet our needs, move the mountains that need moving and the ones that don’t—give us strength to climb.  LORD we ask You to heal, calm, restore, bring peace, strength and victory and above all this we ask not our will but Yours be done.
Together, we can move mountains. 
Prayerfully yours,
Doug Spurling
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(*All information is only discussed between, you, The LORD and I. Unless, we agree to do otherwise.)

Prayerfully yours,