Did you know a love filled prayer in the hands of faith is the greatest force on earth 

Just 'cuz you can don't mean you should 

If you take your time you get there faster 

If you don’t quit you win 

Love doesn't wear a watch... 

and I'm glad you're here, because you matter.


Make yourself at home. 

Let me introduce myself, I live with my wife, Roxy, in Florisota (that’s winter in Florida & summer in Minnesota).

If you hang around a bit and you'll find out I enjoy sailing, fishing (catching, not so much) playing with grand kids and most importantly, loving Jesus.

I carry a passion for prayer and writing. I’ve ridden in rodeos, (well, tried to ride; mostly got bucked off--of horses and life), worked as a youth pastor, traveled with an evangelism team, founded a church, wrote a weekly newspaper column and authored a few books.

If I’m not off chasing a storm somewhere, I’m standing with you, in the rain, holding an umbrella, pointing toward that black cloud, saying, “Look, there’s the silver lining.”

Out of those clouds, words rain here at Spurling Silver…and some of those storms turn into books. You can check them out here.

Over the years I've noticed my writing follows one theme: The strength of family, the power of prayer and the battles that rage against them.  

It is in these areas I pray you to succeed.

Your friend,