Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Penny Story

I've been asked if The Penny Story is true. The answer is yes. It happened to me around 1993.

Have you ever found a penny?

Listen, God’s trying to tell you something.

One day I found a penny.

I stopped and picked it up.

The next day I found another.

This started a routine that puzzled me. Without trying, without searching I started finding a penny a day. At first, I thought it coincidence. After two weeks of finding a penny a day, I thought it weird.

“I must be sub-consciously trying to find these little rascals.” So, the next day I refused to look at the ground. Looking like a stuck-up snob, I walked around with nose in the air. I was doing fine until mid-afternoon. After walking across the parking lot, nose in the air, I had to look down to open the truck door, and …you guessed it. There on the ground, as pretty as a picture, lay a beautiful copper penny.

Now, after more than two weeks of this, my lightening fast brain figured, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” I started to pray. Each day after my daily find, I whispered a prayer, “Lord are you trying to show me something?”

Day after day ...prayer after prayer...on and on.

Suddenly, one day, after seeing, stopping, bending down, picking up, holding and praying.

It came to me…

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted... Psalm 34:18

The Lord GOD, gathers the outcasts… Isaiah 56:8

He heals the brokenhearted... Psalm 147:3


“Those pennies have been cast aside.
Counted as nothing.
Many have been seen and stepped over.
Not counted as worthy enough to stoop down and pick up.
Many of my people are like those pennies.
In the same way I have given you eyes to see those pennies,
and the conviction to stoop down and pick them up.
I have given you eyes to see My people and
the conviction to pick them up.”

…I stopped seeing pennies that day, and started seeing people.

Have you ever found a penny?

Listen, God’s trying to tell you something.

Have you ever felt like a penny? God is near to pick you up. Let's talk about it.

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Anne L.B. said...

I am deeply grateful for this post. I never escape God's notice and esteem. Despite my best efforts to never be brokenhearted, I still need the reminder at times that He is the God Who Sees.