Friday, August 7, 2009

The Bat Story

Startled by . ..”fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfd” I dropped the razor and peaked out the bathroom door. Still dark, I could barely see kitchen curtains flutter with the sound “fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf.” With a gasp I closed the door. I knew that sound, and I hated bats.
While I finished shaving, I formulated a plan. “Occasionally, bats come up from the basement,” the owner had told me. It wasn’t really my problem. My family and I were just staying there until we could move into our new place. My day was already full. I did not have time to deal with a bat. But, knowing the women and children still lay sleeping, what could I do? Being the brave, all American, man of God that I am, I knew exactly what to do. I looked at my reflection in the mirror one last time and said…
“Kill that bat.”
So, I opened the door, faced the window, heard the fluttering curtain and ran as quickly and quietly as possible to the outside door, leaving the women and children inside to deal with the vampire bat.
Once outside, my courage that had somehow vanished only seconds before began to rise, as did the sun. My curiosity began to rise as well. “I may as well take a look at this huge vampire bat from a safe distance outside the window.”
Sneaking around the corner I heard, “fddfdfdfddfdfdf” only louder than before. I inched toward the window. With the rising of the sun came the rising of the wind. The closer I got the louder it grew. I imagined a huge bat flying right into my face, with fangs and claws open for the kill. Should I turn back? No I have to see it, so, closer and closer, louder and louder, five feet away, four feet, two feet…the object of my fear stared back at me.
“My God, what kind of man am I?” rolled from quivering lips as a tear rolled down my cheek. I stared at my reflection in the window.
The plastic fastened to the inside shuddered as the wind whistled through the cracked window pane…”fdfdfdfdfddffdfd.”
I can laugh about it now, but not then. It was a test of character and I failed. I ran from a fear created in my head rather than facing it with the courage in my heart. Like most fears, it was nothing to be afraid of. Like all tests God was there with love and perfect love casts out fear. I heard Him whisper in the rising wind, drying the falling tears. My scared, ashamed reflection began to shine with a new determination and courage.
That day I learned to face the biggest fear of all….myself.


Anonymous said...

that was good i really liked it you should be a writer that was good

Anne L.B. said...

That's okay, Doug. A bat once flew at me in the basement of our old place, before I knew we got bats. My husband heard me scream, came to the top of the stairs to find out why, then told me to run upstairs. So you're in good company. :P

Billy Coffey said...

Snort! I can laugh only because I'd have probably done the same thing. But I think it took more courage to write about it than to face that fear.

Great post, Doug!