Thursday, October 1, 2009

Riding Satan

It was small. Steel posts sunk in concrete with cable running through, a dangerous place to hold a rodeo. But for a cowboy, the word danger doesn’t exist. You see it, spit a stream of Skoal flavored tobacco in it's face and go on about your business. My business was to ride.

Eight seconds. That’s all I needed. Pray the horse doesn’t get near that death trap of a fence and hang on for eight seconds. Simple.

I should have noticed the fire in his eye when I looked at my draw. He was coal black; ears laid back in disdain, blood red eyes, his name, Satan, his number, six. That made three. It should have been a clue. Riding number six inside six foot tall six inch diameter fence posts. Jaws of death, steel teeth, Satan’s play ground. 666. It was probably in my mind, but when you’re out of your mind, it doesn’t matter. I just spit in his direction and walked to my riggin’.

Rosined and ready. Leather fist curled around left handed riggin’, fingers locked under palm. Head nod was all it took to unleash Satan’s fury.

Satan exploded, I on his back. Straight out then hard right toward teeth of sixes. Oh no, stay away from that death trap of a fence, I forgot to pray. Actually, I had forgotten to pray for a long, long time. It had been years. I was running. Running with Satan, literally and spiritually, my life was out of control.

I took my eyes off Satan’s head and looked at the fence while trying to correct from the hard right. At that instant, hard left, I lost my balance but not my grip.

Satan transformed from bucking machine to race horse, blazing down the arena deathly close to the rail. Everything slowed down. In slow motion I watched as I floated horizontal off the right side of Satan. The steel teeth flashed by inches from my head. Satan’s red eyes laughed at me. His nostrils flared a noxious heat. His hooves beat a death mantra near my dangling right leg.

Strange things went through my mind, my hat hasn’t fallen off, that’s cool, and that new rosin is great my hand is stuck solid. STUCK SOLID, not good, I won’t have a head to put a hat if …Oh God, help me.

Inches from being decapitated, seconds from slamming into end of arena, and life.

I see him.

All white, between us and the end. Whip in left hand sword in right. Sword held straight out pointing to his right, our left. With a snort and falter Satan turned left, away from steel teeth, my hand unlocked and I found myself rolling in dirt.

With dirt in teeth I was thankful to still have teeth, a head to have teeth in.

My life was like that ride, running with Satan out of control destined to wreck.

I rolled in the dirt for some time after that. But eventually I realized He was there for me. God saved me. I picked myself up dusted myself off and started riding a white horse called Salvation.

It's been a long time since that ride, and that white horse has never tried to buck me off. Oh, I've wandered away now and then but since I've let Jesus take the reins He has never left me, He's always been there, waiting.

You know what? He’s there for you too. No matter where you’re at, what kind of ride you’re on, He is standing between you and the end, pointing to the right. You may feel stuck. He knows how to set you free.

I know He hears when you cry…Oh God, help me.



Denise said...

Wow, this was way beyond powerful my friend. Bless you for blessing me this morning.

Gwen Stewart said...

Amen, Doug.

We are often so busy with daily machinations of life that we don't perceive the very real and vital spiritual battle around us. So vital, in fact, that it is literally life and death.

And, when I read your story, I thought of Jesus tempted in the desert for forty days by Satan. How easily we gloss over that passage, yes? Yet I think it must have been excruciating.

Great post, Doug, and a great blog. God bless you today!

Sherri said...

That's the grim reality of we often don't comprehend until it's too late...oh, no, it's never too late with God if we still have breath.

I'm glad you climbed off (OK, fell off) that beast!!

Anne L.B. said...


Doug, you had me at the edge of my seat, holding my breath from the moment I clicked on the FB link. I could ask you a million questions right now ...

Oh dear God, what a ride You give us before we land at Your precious, nail-scarred feet. Thank You for knocking me hard of my own high-horse. Thank You for Doug.

Sarah Salter said...

Oh, Doug, that's amazing! What a testimony!

R. Holloway said...

That wasn't your everyday "Jesus is my boyfriend post." Thanks for the nice ride, Bro. Thank you for the reminder that our Savior is a Lion and a Conquerer, who is motivated by love...

FaithBarista Bonnie said...

"That wasn't your everdya "Jesus is my boyfriend post."

LOL. I totally agree!

I'm glad I to know you made it out alive. I was worried there for a moment.That's for sure.

Shouldn't have, really, 'cuz like you said, white horse Salvation picked you right up.

You're awesome, Doug! Loved the whole post, start to finish!

Anonymous said...

When I awake''HE'' is still with me.....Psalm 139:18 good story brother Doug Vicki

Doug Spurling said...

Thank you, your comments help me hold on a little tighter and sit in the saddle a little straighter.