Thursday, December 31, 2009

Travel Plans

In a few hours the sun will come up. Roxy and I will get up, pack up, jump in pick up and head south.

Course: South to green grass; east to ocean (almost).

We’re trading long johns and snow shovels for flip flops and fishing poles.
We’ll tap destination Sunshine-State into GPS and follow. We may run into bad weather, bad roads, detours and delays. We will travel through the dark of night. But if we follow the navigator, we’ll make it.

I should be sleeping, but as usual I’m up praying, and now writing and praying…for you.

As you read this I pray your travels through bad weather, bad roads, detours, delays and the dark of night will lead you safely to The-Son-Shine-State.

We all have a built in Navigator, preprogrammed to head toward The-Son-Shine-State. The place where Jesus, The Light Of The World shines.

The Son-Shine-State may be hard, but hard isn’t bad, it’s just hard. And He equips those who enter.

Those who make it to the Super-bowl don’t complain because it’s hard, they count it an honor to play the biggest and best.

All we must do is choose to follow. We have the right to choose another direction, but our right to choose doesn’t make what we choose right.

This day, I pray for you dear reader to listen to that still small voice from your Creator. He has built into you a navigational system to lead you to a bigger and better life than you could ever imagine.

Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you in The-Son-Shine-State.



Anne Lang Bundy said...

Doug, you are just too encouraging these last two posts. It's much appreciated. :D

S. Etole said...

and may the Son shine brightly on your New Year ...