Monday, February 22, 2010

What if when you get to heaven…

Once is terrible. But repeatedly for years is beyond description. Mary’s father raped her repeatedly for years. When she tried to resist he would beat her. Trapped in a living hell, with the man she thought was Satan himself.

Finally she moved away; as far away as the earth would allow. Finally on his death bed, her father repented and asked for forgiveness; from her and God. She said, “NO!” What if God said, “Yes”?

What if when you get to heaven you see someone you don’t think should be there? Then what?

Would Mary feel trapped again? For eternity? With Satan? Wouldn’t that make heaven, hell?

Would she have to live on the far side of heaven and try to forget she saw him on the other side?

Would she feel cheated? Knowing that one day the man who put her through hell would one day be sentenced to it was her only consolation; but instead he was pardoned; given life in heaven…How can this be? How can she enjoy the joy of heaven, with him?

I asked. I saw…

Mary strolling white gowned on golden street, her eyes and his meet. Simultaneously they speak.

“Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Who Was And Is And Is To Come. Holy Is The Lord! Worthy Is The Lamb That Takes Away The Sins Of The World.”

They turn toward the throne of God. Hands raised, heads bowed. Thankful for the blood that flowed from Emmanuel’s veins washing their sins as white as snow.

Each encounter, each revelation reminds the Saints of the redemptive work on Calvary’s Hill. It’s all about Him and never about them.

Forgiveness given and received: the prerequisite to walk these streets.

And with each revelation throughout eternity the Saints and Angels sing, “Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Who Was And Is And Is To Come. Holy Is The Lord! Worthy Is The Lamb That Takes Away The Sins Of The World.”

Those willing to give it are also able to receive it…All is forgiven.

He lived, died and rose again for a reason. You.


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

...can't even begin to get a handle on understanding what it's going to be like. other then the fact that someday i'm going to meet He Who Is plus a lot of other's. it's like you say i think. if there were any memories of this place, it wouldn't be heaven.

another thing came just to mind though. not sure what it means. part of the Lord's prayer. "let Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." maybe it's we can experience a little heaven on earth as He has set us free and given us His Promise of eternity with Him. i know developing our relationship with Him here is vital.

Denise said...

Amazingly awesome my friend.

Bonnie Gray said...

I think you are a poet at heart, Doug. Your writing is very lyrical.

I haven't been able to catch up with Spurling Silver lately-- so I was itchin' to get a fill of your faith thoughts. Nice!

I hope you're well!

caryjo said...

I understand the "looking forward to heaven" attitude... more and more as I age, of course. Knowing I will see my Dad in a safe and joy-filled place, when our life together was the opposite... what could be better than that? And Resurrection Sunday is my favorite day of the year with "Hallelujah" permeating the atmosphere at home, at church, and in my heart.