Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a stick

 We’ve had it for years. It’s old and weathered. It doesn’t do anything but sit there. It has no earthly value. We couldn’t sell it if we tried, no one would want it.

I know it was an accident. Diamond didn’t mean to drop it.

If it was anybodies’ fault it was mine. I placed it there on display, in the way for anyone to bump – especially a six year old. She did. It fell. And it broke.

“It’s just a stick” said Roxy. But I saw a tear trying to escape before she turned away.

It was a simple gift. It was fragile. A life time of memories lay there… broken.

Roxy found it in the woods and used it as a walking stick during a family vacation. Her brother secretly brought it home, attached a wind chime, and gave it as a gift.

Roxy loves wind chimes, and is especially fond of this one. Every time the wind causes it to sing she’s reminded of her brother.

But really now it’s just a stick, right? Or is it more?

Maybe our simple gifts are more than just sticks for fire wood. Maybe a kind word can change a life. Maybe a phone call can save one.

And maybe the reverse is true as well.

We may say “I was only joking.” Thinking our words and deeds of little consequence; nothing more than dried up old sticks. But, in reality they hold the keys to winning or losing a wounded soul.

I stare at the broken stick and wonder about the one who gave it. I think; “Maybe, if we’d have reached out to the-stick-giver more… he wouldn’t have taken his life.”

I don’t know for sure but I wish I had another chance…

I remember a story about a man who had a stick. He raised it. The Lord chimed in with a wind that parted the Red Sea.

I can’t part the Red Sea. Neither could Moses. But, he offered what he had, if only a stick. God took the gift of obedience and saved lives. Won’t He do the same if we’ll offer what we have?

A simple stick touched with love and the breath of God chimed a beautiful sound.

I may not have much, but I have something. And if offered in love will not the breath of God turn it into something beautiful? If someone is hurting or sad or lonely, won’t it help if I show them I care?

If we would take a day off from chasing money and consider what REALLY matters I think we would see that our most precious commodity isn’t gold or silver; it’s time. It’s the great equalizer because we all are allotted the same amount each day.

No job or law or government or circumstance can dictate whether we use our time for good or evil. THAT is our God given choice.

The world wouldn’t be hurt if it had fewer skyscrapers, more front porches, cane poles and walking sticks.

A soft answer can heal. An apology can mend. We used wood glue to mend the stick. I suppose it’s stronger now in the broken place than anywhere else. Like us. Once we’re healed we can be used to heal.

Who are you in the story? Later we’ll discuss each one:

The broken?

Are you broke and in need of mending? Are you worn and weathered? Do you feel you like have no value or usefulness?

The breaker?

Even though you may not have tried, you have injured. Have your thoughtless or unkind words and deeds injured? Do you think it’s beyond repair…and it’s your fault?

The giver?

Do you feel unnoticed? Like you’re on the outside looking in? Do you feel like you’ve given your all and that wasn’t good enough so now you’re giving up?

The receiver?

Do you feel like a part of you has been stolen? Like circumstances out of your control have dealt you nothing but pain in your life?

Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by, you are important; you are loved and what you have to say matters.

I'm praying for you.

Love, Doug


Denise said...

You touch every part of my heart brother, thank you.

katdish said...

Oh, wow. I'm everyone in that story. Beautiful post. Thanks, Doug.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Like Kathy, I'm part of all those, but mostly the giver. I confess that the enemy tempts me to give-up.

Once we’re healed we can be used to heal.

But I remember those more broken than me, so I keep going, in the strength of Him Who has healed me.

Doug Spurling said...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate hearing from you. I too have walked the steps of everyone in the story. And each step carries it's own burden and brand of pain. And for this reason I remember you in my prayers. And I know my prayers are heard and that we can make it through victorious because of Him who has walked before; carried the burden and bore the pain for us all. He is none other than Christ Jesus our Lord the All Time Champion Forever And Ever Amen.

Peter P said...

This is a reaaaally good post, Doug!

Bud Ezekiel H. said...

great post Doug! in the past, i'd always been a giver and found receiving was difficult. then after throwing in the towel found myself in a position of needing to receive from Him and others too. can relate to a lot that was said here. you don't post very often but when you really step up to the plate and hit`m right out of the park. i enjoy reading your posts.

Doug Spurling said...

Thanks Peter - Thank you. Great to hear from you. I've prayed for you.

Hey Bud - Thanks so much for your kind words, I know what you mean about needing to receive. There's pain in the healing but it makes us stronger in the broken places to be used to help others heal right.