Friday, December 3, 2010

The Angel in the grocery cart

This morning I hit all green lights. And it caused this prayer to slip from my lips; Thank you Lord for helping us to be in Your perfect timing…

It was late afternoon when she crossed the last item off her list. The shopping cart Sadie pushed carried groceries and a baby. She was on a roll and headed out the door – when all of a sudden her world went slow.

Everything slowed to a crawl. Except her mind that is – it was racing. Speed it up lady. Sadie thought and attempted to steer her cart around the lady walking in slow motion in front of her. But the doors were too narrow and she couldn't get around. Micro-wave followed crock-pot. How on earth can anyone walk so slow? Sadie thought as she shuffled her feet inching toward the door.

As soon as shopping cart wheels hit the sidewalk Sadie wheeled to the left planning to pass the lady imitating a turtle.


The red Cadillac hit the turtles' cart and turned the slow cooker into fast food.
The lady who was moving so slow – froze. Sadie shifted into high gear and after checking to see if Slow-Mo was OK – she chased after the speedster.

The red Cadillac slowed because the mangled shopping cart had somehow attached itself to the front fender and was creating some customized detailing to the paint. But the car didn't stop until Sadie started yelling at it to stop. She then told some gawkers to call 911 and with authority that she didn't have she ordered the driver of the Cadillac to get out of the car. The driver did what she asked.

Not until it was over did she think about what happened. Sadie realized the lady would have been hit had she not been walking so slowly. And if she would have been able to pass that lady – she or her baby in the shopping cart would have been hit.

When my daughter relayed the story to me tonight we thanked God out loud for keeping her and my granddaughter safe. I said. "Sadie I can just see in the spirit realm – the angels standing in front of that lady, slowing her down, holding you both back."

I've heard it said, "Timing is everything." God's timing I'd say.

Lord thank you for protecting us from what we cannot see. Whether red lights or green, help us walk with You in Your perfect timing, protection and provision.

We love you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Psalm 91:11
For He shall give His angels charge over you,To keep you in all your ways.


S. Etole said...

I enjoy your way with words ... and I'm so thankful for all concerned for those angels who were guarding and protecting.

a sojourner said...

God was and is watching over us, isn't He! This must have really been a powerful witness of His love and grace to Sadie and the lady in front of her!