Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Above is a quote from my last post, Mom's Treasure. That post got me to thinking about this blog you're reading. I got to thinking about how faithful readers aren't reading my writings by the thousands.

And for some reason, I was encouraged. Writing is an amazing thing. His Word, His written Word is the one tangible God left us. Yes, we can feel Him – at times. Yes we can hear Him – at times. But His written Word is near, even in our mouths. We can speak it, hear it, read it and see it.

Writing is an amazing thing. It continues to speak when we're not. It can speak in different times and places while we're sleeping – or fishing. My point is: writing is an amazing thing.

But of the many amazing writers who write amazing things – only a small percentage will make the show. So they write for the love of writing and long for the call, like a ball player yearns for the field.

Nobody wants to sit on the fence or ride the bench. Do you think it's possible that one be called to write – but never get the call?
Maybe there's a higher call. Take a trip with me. It's not far…just eternity.

Glory radiates from His being as He stands on the front porch of His Kingdom. With only a glance the seraphim know His command and chime the bells that ring pure and holy. He sits upon the golden rocking chair and pulls out a scroll.

We gather round eager to hear our King. We never tire of His awesome words of wisdom. Our hearts free from sin and fear. He rocks a bit without a sound as He reads the scroll He's found.

His smile lights the world and His laugh like thunder booms. No one fears –we're used to His joyous laugh by now. He loves to laugh. He tilts His chair back and slaps His knee. His eyes shine His smile glows.We've been here some thousands of years, but then again, maybe not, since time doesn't exist; but one thing's for sure – we never get bored. It seems each moment is something new. Just as we catch our breath it's taken again as we view yet another aspect of the glory and splendor of this wondrous heaven.

It may sound strange, but right now He reminds me of grandpa. He was always laughing with that twinkle in his eye. And it seemed he always had something new to show. Grandpa would talk about me to his friends and show off my picture and the fish we caught. He kept every card and letter I ever sent. He even read them to his war buddies – like they would care. Today, for some reason God reminded me of grandpa. Maybe it's the way he's looking at that scroll and smiling. He looks so happy and proud; like a parent when their child colors a picture to hang on the refrigerator. I've never seen Him quite like this before. How amazing. Such love from such a wonderful Father.

He's read to us before from the Holy Scriptures. It was the most amazing thing – The Word reading The Word. It came to life - literally. It all made perfect sense. So, now I think He's going to read to us again. I wonder what new awesomeness He'll share with us this time. He's looking at us now. He's actually looking over here. He's looking for someone. Oh, He's calling a name... my name. Oh Lord, my Lord, Holy are You My Lord. He wants me to come to Him. He's calling me.

Holy, Holy, Holy, how awesome are You Lord.And now He stands. He stands, He actually stands to greet me…He hugs me. Embraced by Love; and then we sit.

He opens the scroll; wearing that I'm- so- proud- of- you smile. I wonder if He's going to ask me to read. Wow, look at the sea of people. Millions of saints stand before Him. I have no fear. If on earth this would have made me tremble, but not here. No fear – no tear. Just Love. He's going to read.

He clears His throat – just to be funny. Smiles that Light-Of-The-World smile and begins to read. Only He's not really reading. I can tell. I'm so close I can see His eyes and He's not really looking at the words. He's looking at me out of the corner of His eye. He keeps speaking the words written on the scroll but He doesn't have to read them. He's got them memorized. And then He slowly looks up and into my eyes and into my soul. I stare at His lips, speaking those words with such depth of wisdom and love – and smiling.

And then I realize – those words are familiar...those words are mine. The words I penned pouring out my soul – the notes I pinned to keep my soul. Unread words I'd written; seed sown with no harvest… until now.

Simple words written for such a time as this; eternalized by being read by The Eternal.
He saw me as I scratched out words barely visible through tears in the dark, and now all I can say is…Thank You for letting me wait.

Malachi 3:16
"Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name."


Ecclesiastes 11:1
"Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days."


Matt. 19:30
"But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first."


Glynn said...

Beautiful post, Doug. He reads what we write, and a lot of it he put there in the first place.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Once the harvest begins, He enables it to be continuous if we are faithful.

Your words are read today, Doug.

And by the way, I'm thankful for you.