Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tangles shoestrings & life ~ guest post

Today it's an honor to bring you a special guest post from my sweet precious daughter. Shyloh; you're right - He had the birthday and we got the gift...one of His greatest gifts to me is you. You make your Dad proud and your Heavenly Father smile. Thanks for allowing me to post this. I love you.

by Shyloh Spurling on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 12:56am

I once held the key to each level of my future, but there comes a time in our lives where the end is truly the beginning. Soon we see where our home really is, by passing through this journey we call life.. but why is this called life?? Why are we HERE right now?? Is it not the end we sit around and wait for,, because we become closer and closer to death by every second counted in time.

Our destiny has a future.. our home is eternal life. It's like a bunch of tangled knots in our shoestrings.. it seems impossible to un-do those loops and tight twists.. but if you look real close the directions are right there for us to untangle those strings.. every knot that is undone in a matter of time is another step we take in life,, ((this is where we make the mistake though)) have you ever walked with tied shoe laces all tangled up?? By doing this the knots become tighter.. so we stop.. do the next step in the directions.. then we repeat ourselves because we get in such a rush to overcome our problems.. that's why things may seem to over power us to the point where everything seems to be getting worse. Like those tangled shoe strings..
God gave us all the answers.. the directions to overcome all things! not so we would read the first part, do it, then move on and keep starting over again.. We get no where by taking little steps and then going backwards to where we started repeatedly.
The point is to why be in a hurry?? when everything is right there in front of us, why not read through the directions and UNDERSTAND before we start to journey through.. Life can take us so many places.. and by not being focused, having to step, go down, re-do what was just done, and so forth will lead to confusion on where to go next..

There's always an answer.. and if the directions are followed through every step of the way will surely be the pathway to everlasting life. Which we call our True home. The beginning of an end. and like my daddy always says to me:

"take your time, and you'll get there faster"
Merry Christmas


Happy New Years

He had the birthday, We got the gift!
-Shyloh Lee Spurling


a sojourner said...

hello Shyloh:)

...like the old sayin` goes, the apples don't fall far from the tree. so there's two wonderful writers in the family! this is a great post! since i have a tendency to lean towards the stubborn side as well as being a bit independent...i'm one that's gotten tangled up quite a bit. hope you folks have a wonderful Birthday party together enjoying the Gift.

S. Etole said...

A most wonderful gift ... and you both share yours well.