Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks Giving Prayer

Lord, we come so often with petitions and pleas

And I’m sure You’re glad we do

Because of who You are, You Love to meet our needs

But today we bring no list

And we know it’s not enough,

But please accept our thanks.

In Your word we’ve read,

And we’ve heard it said,

A thousand years is as a day,

And a day is as a thousand

So today as we give You thanks

May it be as a thousand

And if we may ask

Just one thing

We invite you to join us

As our Guest of Honor

And with each word spoken

With each crumb broken

Let us treat each other

As if we’re dining

With The King


this is part of "Faith Jam" over at Faith Barista. Click here to check out all kinds of cool Thanksgiving posts and more.



FaithBarista Bonnie said...

"And if we may ask

Just one thing

We invite you to join us

As our Guest of Honor"

This really touched me. I think I will remember this, as part of my Thanksgiving prayer before dinner next year for our family. God as our Guest of Honor. So beautiful - can't wait to really sit down with Him.. and all of us together one day! REALLY! Can you imagine that Thanksgiving dinner, friend? ;)

Doug Spurling said...

Hi Faith B, So nice to see you again! I woke with this poem Thanksgiving morning. I wrote it & my wife read and said "You should ask to pray this at the Clubhouse before our meal today." I asked her not to say anything and said, "If God wants me to pray then He can find a way. I'll be asked before the meal." Sure enough, He did, and I was honored to say the Thanksgiving prayer before our RV Park Thanksgiving meal. Later I told Mr Johnson what transpired and he told me a story that led to the post Mr Johnson. God is good!