Sunday, February 5, 2012

Man your battle stations!

Whoa! Talk about a piece of writing hard to print. The post over at Kingdom Bloggers this week about Spiritual Warfare was just that. It didn't want to load, then it loaded wrong, then I got late and missed church. It was a battle. You know what that's like...

We’ve all felt the adrenalin rush of life sounding the alarm – The phone call in the middle of the night; The doctors report, blunt but piecing; The notice in the mail…at work. Smooth sailing about to turn to stormy seas. The siren warning the tornado is about to hit. Blood runs cold. Face turns red.

We all have this one thing in common – in this world we have tribulation. I have battle scars – I’m pretty sure you do, too. Some we talk about – others we’d just as soon forget.

The truth is – there are more battles ahead. But that doesn’t mean we should live in fear or dread. Whatever the battle – loneliness from the loss of a loved one; the hollow hurt from a wayward child; the haunts of regret; the ache of a relationship gone wrong; the gnawing of hunger; the clawing of creditors… it may be hard – but we can win.

And in my humble opinion, here is how we can do it...

Click here and meet me over at Kingdom Bloggers and I'll share with you a battle strategy to win

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Denise said...

Battle on my friend.