Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Voice. Angels pray. demons prey.

CONTINUED FROM 1.30.12. The Voice. Eternity wears no watch.

Do you remember the post titled: The Voice – I love you? It’s about eight year-old, Ricky, and the moment of his salvation. He heard The Voice call to him and he responded with a quivering lip, and little boy knees hit wet tile floor. Little hands rose toward the man in the clouds. And a little voice whispered, “I love you, too.”

Well, in the Foyer where that story took place there was another story taking place – a story of Angels and demons. Today we continue with that story. So, take hold of the invisible zipper. Unzip the skin of this seen realm, pull back the flap and step through into the unseen realm. You’ll find the scene awaits…

Angel stared at demon. Eternity wears no watch. An eternity passed, as they faced each other. However, only one second clicked, off earth’s clock.

“Sing to me songbird. Remember? We use to sing HIS praise? ” David challenged the demon.

“stop” whimpered the smoldering dribgnos. mad that his name was reversed from songbird to dribgnos – a cursed reminder of his former being… and voice. once upon a time he sang like, well, like his namesake – a songbird. Now his voice sounded like a gravel-pitched, hoarse whisper.”

“How would you like us to change your name? How would you like…um, let’s see, how about – hoarse whisperer?”

dribgnos lifted his eyes and dared to look into David’s. he would like his name changed. maybe not to that, but anything would be better than the constant reminder, of the reversal in his destiny. every time his name was spoke, he had a flash back. one moment he was singing, the next he was stinging. he use to sing to The LORD, and what joy filled every fiber of his being. songbird’s place was right beside lucifer. but – little by little  – lucifer inched away.

songbird liked the way his voice and lucifer's would blend to sing praises to their KING. he liked the sound so much when lucifer started inching away, songbird decided to inch with him. he liked hearing his voice and actually thought for a moment that he might sound a little better than lucifer. he thought he detected a bit of gravel in the otherwise silk voice of heaven's leader of praise.

and then, lucifer announced he was moving to a higher location of heaven. songbird chose to follow. maybe he would become the new worship leader. even when The KING reached out and asked him to stay, he didn’t. three times he was asked to turn around, he wouldn’t. but his name did. everything turned inside out the moment he chose to turn his back on The One True GOD, Creator of the universe.

but now he wouldn’t go back even if he could, he was too bitter, too cold, too angry, too heartless… too dead. just like he hoped his preying would leave Ricky – once he got through weaving his web.

Angels pray, demons prey. Angels sing praise. demons seek preys... Prayers defeat prey-ers – every time.



Denise said...

Amen, amen.

caryjo said...

The sad part... so many humans see what they should do, the "truth" presented to them... and choose otherwise, and when they want to change, they honestly believe they can't do it. The demons didn't have that option; "we" do before death.

This keeps me wanting to see more/hear more.

Doug Spurling said...

Hi Denise, I second that, Amen.

caryjo, yeah, sad and motivation for movement - to pray, to live, to share - the life changing Love of Christ in hope of leading some to HIM. Thanks for visiting

I appreciate ya'll & pray for you