Monday, March 5, 2012

The Eulogy of Douglas L. Spurling

As you know, each Sunday I’ve been privileged to visit Kingdom Bloggers. The last topic was to write our own eulogy. It was kind-of an eerie assignment—to imagine what should be said after I’m dead. I thought of lots of options but landed on one concise and simple.

For those of you who missed my funeral…here’s what I wrote. (By-the-way, if you really do miss my funeral, don’t feel bad—I won’t be there either—I’ll be at my Home Coming Party :-)

The eulogy of Douglas L. Spurling

He never really felt quite at home.

He stumbled

He fumbled

He got bucked off

He prayed

He stood

He picked back up

He got back on

He loved to fish…wasn’t much on catchin’

He listened—especially to a child.

He smiled when he cried.

He saw:

Big in little

God in dirty

Strength in weak

He said:

“Take yer time—you’ll get there faster”

“If you don’t quit you win”

“Just ‘cuz you can—don’t mean you should”

“Can’t clean a fish before you catch it”

“Words are powerful”

“A love filled prayer, in the hands of faith, is the strongest force on earth”

“Everybody matters”

He spelled unique—YOUnique

He lived simple, quiet and slow

When he failed, he prayed…he prayed, often.

His Hero was Jesus—which made all the difference.

He believed the nursery rhyme:

Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…and when you die—you truly wake.

And now—he’s truly awake.

He never really felt quite at home...until now.