Monday, March 5, 2012

When love leaks



A baby for an hour

Or a spouse for life

When it ends—it was never enough.

There’s never enough time for love

Love is too big, to fit into time

It’s eternal—never fails, never ends

Love can’t be boxed in a time-casket

It spreads wings and flies beyond the grave

By definition

Love in its purest

Love at its best

Is God


Ever Present

Ever Faithful

Ever After

So if we have loved…truly loved

We have tasted and touched the very presence of God

We have grasped the Eternal

And when love wearing skin takes wing—from time to eternal—the memory leaks, from eyes to cheeks.

And the part that hurts, the heart that yearns—for one more touch, one more kiss, one more word—is the part that never ends, but mends; never forgets, but grows strong, rooted in the fertile soil of Love.

And then, from the deepest part of our heart—where Love resides—in the dark, we see a glimmer of Light, in despair we find a sliver of Hope, and even though eyes may water and lips may quiver…we smile.

Knowing—not always feeling, but always knowing—His Love that will never leave, never fail, never end…is our happily ever-after.



caryjo said...

AMEN!! Relying on HIS Love is all that makes us move forward when the hard "goodbye" hits.

Good reminder, Doug.

Denise said...

Beautiful reminder.

jude urbanski said...

I am convinced love makes our world go around. Think on it. And do you know what is the coolest thing about Jesus going to the cross? He did it for you and for me!