Wednesday, February 13, 2013

freak coincidence...or overwhelming judgment


Did you watch the State of The Union Address? I did. And I’ve got to say our president has a gift. He is so eloquent in his speech. He can say something I disagree with in such a way that I’m almost persuaded.

It reminded me of when I was at the gym the other day. I overheard a couple guys talking—bragging—about their kids.

“My daughter’s flying down to visit next week.” One man said as he pedaled one of those stationary bikes. “She’s married to a lawyer…” He rambled on as I continued doing stomach crunches. His voice faded.

The other guy next to him, riding a similar contraption, must have got stuck thinking about the—she’s married to a lawyer, detail. Several times he tried to interject, “Wow, if she’s married to a law—”but the other man kept rambling about something no one was listening to; it was kind of like how you nod your head after looking at the fortieth photo of someone’s grandkids.

Finally, father-lawyer-in-law said, “She’s only dated three men in her life.”And then he took a breath.

It was the other man’s chance. “Wow, if she’s married to a lawyer, she has nothing to worry about.”

I smiled through a crunch… if being married to money was the answer, that’d be true.

The men were quiet for awhile. I figured he got the response he wanted—your daughter is awesome, without a care in the world. But then, a confession, and maybe his greatest fear, leaked out. “She married all three of them. First one was an accountant. Second was a doctor…and now, the lawyer. And she’s not cheap… spends money like a drunken sailor.”

That was the end of the conversation.

The glossy snap shot looked like a fairytale where Prince Charming and Cinderella lived happily ever after in their castle. But a closer look behind the scenes revealed otherwise.

And so it goes, with me…and you…and the state of the union. Last night I heard the words, “The state of the union is strong.” I choked on my popcorn. And I’m not trying to make a statement here, I just did. It depends on which channel you’re listening to as to whether we’re doing great, or in a heap of trouble.

We don’t watch much television around here and when we do it’s rarely the news—usually it’s Hallmark or GMC. But even still I keep tabs on the heart-beat of the country and the state she’s in. How? It’s not all that hard. One thing is to not get saturated in agendas. No matter what color hat, they all basically do the same thing: apply sainthood to one and vilify the other. But, if you’re close to The One who’s really running things, you get a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

The heart of the matter, matters.

I try to remember my dougism; facts change—Truth doesn’t, when listening to the political bantering. If you know and follow Truth, facts become followers.

Our president says the nation is strong and rebounding and we’re on the right track. That tickles our ears and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. But is that what we need? Personally, as a writer, constructive criticism does more good than a high-five. I’d like to hear that we’ve got a problem with overspending and violence—both sides agree on this—they’re not the issue. They are symptoms of greed and hate, which ultimately stem from the same root—sin. That’s what I’d like to see addressed. That is what needs to be addressed.

It was ominous when he talked about how we can choose to believe Sandy and drought and wildfires were just freak coincidence, “or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment…and act before it’s too late.” I wish he’d have said we can choose to believe the overwhelming judgment of God, but alas, he didn’t. He said, “the overwhelming judgment of science.

The Truth is all of these including Sandy—Hurricane and Hook—are/were indeed warnings just as President Obama implied. Only the judgment is not that of science. Our hope is not found in science. Our hope, our only hope, is in Jesus Christ. On Christ the solid rock we stand—all other ground is sinking sand.

The cough and sore throat I’m fighting right now is the symptom of some kind of virus. I let my resistance get low and opened the door for the germ to give me these symptoms. Kill the germ and the symptoms will leave. The cough isn’t the disease, the sore throat isn’t the disease—the virus is.

We have a germ that causes all of these symptoms in our lives, our family, our neighborhood, our town, our state our nation. The facts are different but the problem, the symptom, the germ is the same…sin.

It’s comforting to know moral absolutes remain the same, regardless of the age we’re in.

That’s the Truth.

So, Mr. President, if you would take your fine speech and change a few things; you could unite and strengthen this nation. Face the Truth rather than beat at the symptoms.

The first thing, sir, you must do is examine your heart. You can’t lead where you’re unwilling to go. You may say, who do you think you are talking to me that way? I know what’s best. Maybe you do. And if so, then you won’t fear a little self-exam, right?

And you’re right—who am I, that you’d listen to me? But…

Step back and forget yourself for a moment. You are not red or blue or black or male or Christian or muslim or president or peasant—you are an observer. See if you can find an example. Someone who has stood the test of time without falling, is there one? Is there a person whose life exemplifies what is good and right and true without hidden agendas for personal gain? Has there been one who has spent their life uniting rather than dividing? If there is such a person, would it be worth looking into their lives to see what makes them tick; what they believe; what they think is worth living…and dying for?

There is such a person—still alive today. He has influenced the world for decades. He has counseled more presidents than any other man in history. Consider the life of a man who has lived in a fish bowl for over half a century and yet has remained, above reproach. He’s has bridged the gap of generations and political agendas. It’s worth a gaze into his life, his beliefs, yes? The man you may have already guessed, since you’ve met him face to face.

Billy Graham will tell you that the only answer, the only hope for America is Jesus Christ. How can this man stand unwaveringly decade after decade if what he held onto was not the Truth? Surely, the life of this influential leader bids you to pay attention Mr. President. Surely you can’t ignore his plea for decades to turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God.

Jesus is the cure for the virus that plagues our society. He alone is the way to the Father. Mr. President you have longed for the love of a father, well sir, you are loved by the greatest Father of all. He is waiting for you to turn to Him. He has gifted you with the ability to lead. You can be remembered as the man, like King Josiah of old, who turned a nation back to God. You can do this…if you will.

I fear for our county Mr. President, she must turn from the root cause of her problems. You know greed caused the downfall of our economy and the greed has not been dealt with—it still remains. Hatred causes the bloodshed of innocents—the hatred cannot be legislated away. We need you to lead us to Jesus. I challenge you today to seek Him first. Acknowledge before your country that you are going to trust The Creator of heaven and earth, the Lord God Almighty, not science, not technology, not your own strength but God—only He can pull us through.

And as for us, we the people, stand united in prayer for you.



David Rupert said...

Doug, how do you really feel? Lol.... I'm with you on this. You can't put lipstick on a pig. I would much rather hear the truth. The problem is that so many simply want a smile and a pretty speech. Really? We are willing to sacrifice our kids future for that?

Write on! brother...

SimplyDarlene said...

Indeed, we stand in prayer. Isn't it amazing the contrast between humility and arrogance? Yikes.

Anyway, you already know how I feel about all this. We don't have TV so I only listened to it while I washed dishes. Scrubbing gunk and wiping it clean...

Lord have mercy.


caryjo said...

I did not listen to the Union Address... I'm not a political speech listening person ... BUT I heard the about the variety of comments and suggestions that were made. As usual, my heart was heavy.

In a very strange way, I feel sorry for him. He's a great speaker and a national "controller" ... and he's controlled by others that have surrounded him in body and possibly in spirits. He needs to turn to the Right Spirit.

As a nation, we are in serious trouble, b/c the seeds that can be planted towards our Lord's life are often being avoided or ignored, because people think they would be too much trouble, too much to give up.

Anyhow, again, could talk so long/toooo long, and you wouldn't have a chance to breathe. BUT... what you said was so true. So true. [Including the "daughter" example phase. Yep. VERY true.]


OH, and when Susie heard him speak on TV at the Democrat convention during the previous time when he was in IL, and he'd never been publicly heard in that manner, she knew he was going to break through, b/c of the way his charismatic personality, speaking, and approach. She saw it immediately, and she was right.

Oh, well.... God is bigger, He is our protector. And, our hope, is that Obama will see Him as King, and turn to Him. His salvation is extremely important, at the very least.


caryjo said...

Oh, yes. And Billy Graham may not be perfect [he lives on earth], but he can touch hearts and break through, just by his love of the Lord. That would count. And, now our presidents and other leaders refuse to have him in their lives. That's another true indicator of where we're "at".