Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behold the Mona Lisa...the bass & the dart board

Behold the Mona Lisa. A beautiful work of art; a masterpiece. 

The original mind you, not a copy, not a forgery--the real thing. 

Now, let’s hang it here on this wall, between the large mouth bass and the dart board. 

It’ll cover up that stain on the wall. Never mind the dirt and cobwebs; we’ll just hang her right over the top.

What’s that?

So what if she gets hit by a few stray darts?

Everybody will see her hanging there.

There's nothing to hang her on?

Just hold her there against the wall. Let me grab my hammer and we’ll pound some nails right through the corners. If you don’t nail it down around here it’ll get stolen.

Sound crazy? Can’t believe I’d hang a masterpiece in such a place? You want to know what’s worse?

Well, dear precious sweet, innocent, lovely young ladies, you are the masterpiece. 

You are the priceless work of art. 

You are the one of a kind beauty… and you are doing this to yourselves.

What should be protected, revered and reserved for private showings of highest class and intimacy is flashed upon a filthy wall for others to drool over or throw darts upon. What should be secure is open and stolen...leaving you empty. 

It’s not that you can’t. 

But why would you want to hang yourselves on the filthy walls of facebook and internet?

You hold the beauty of the horizon. 

The sun rises and sets for those who appreciate her beauty. She always rises in the morning in the east and sets in the evening in the west. Those who appreciate her beauty will find her. And she doesn’t go out of her way to find those who don’t.

Your beauty will shine for those who will rise to see it, there is no need to flaunt and flash so you’ll be noticed.

Dress like a princess dear lady and you’ll be found by a prince.

Dress like a hooker and you’ll be found by a pimp.

What do you want?

Please know you are more than skin. 

You are heart and soul, and that is where your real beauty lies, as a diamond in the rough.  

Your Creator has made you a one of a kind masterpiece to shine as beautiful as the sunrise and don’t flash—shine.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

photos courtesy of photobucket

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