Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Young America

“It’s across the road from The Depot Diner. You can’t miss it.” I hate it when they say that, because I can usually figure out a way to prove them wrong, and miss it. But this time I didn’t. Then again, considering the size of Rising Fawn Georgia it’s hard to miss anything, since you can stand in one spot and see from end to end.

“We’re so glad ya’ll are here this morning.” The small country church greeters made us feel right at home with their southern charm. We sat near the back but we were the center of attention when the singing ended. I think nearly every person in the church looped around to shake our hands and ask us “Where ya’ll from?” and tell us “We’re so glad ya’ll are here this mornin’.” Yep, they sure made us feel welcome.

Before the Preacher started preaching a young man from Young America Ministries out of Chattanooga Tennessee spoke.

“Young America Ministries is located at what you might call Ground Zero in the war for our teens. We go to the homeless, the orphaned, the gang-bangers and the street smart. Week after week they come, from the highways and byways, the alleys and street corners they come. Sometimes our task seems overwhelming and daily we are faced with situations that we can’t handle on our own strength, be we know where our help comes from, and we know The Answer His name is Jesus!”

“Our main focus at Young America is to meet young people where they are, show them the Truth of God’s Word, and demonstrate the love of Jesus. We are called to plant the Seeds of Truth and Love, and pray for God to give the increase.”

He told us about how the teens were so looking forward to summer camp. But due to a lack of funding the camp was canceled. They decided to reschedule a winter retreat. My wife and I didn’t need to pray about it, we didn’t need to talk it over, we said yes, when he asked if anyone would like to sponsor a child for the upcoming retreat.

That day was Sunday. Monday, several hundred miles away, a youth minister said he felt led-of-the-Lord to pay for our daughter, Kayla, to go to a winter conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Ironically, the costs for the two different youth events, was the same. Kayla didn't even consider going, figured she couldn't afford it. And who would watch her two small boys while she was away? They had it all worked out, sitters for the kids and all.

Some call this kind of thing coincidence I call it God-Incidence.

As Kayla told me the story, I heard a Quiet Voice say, “You take care of My kids, and I’ll take care of yours.” 

We were just visitors, passing through, but God knew, He always knows. I love it when He shows up like that...I think He loves it too.

Seek ye first the  Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Mt. 6:33

For more information about Young America Ministries click here.


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Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

God's provision astounds. So glad you shared this story, Doug. You glorify the Father with your words in this place! It's an honor to write in community with you.

Doug Spurling said...

Thank you for the opportunity Jennifer, To glorify The Father is the greatest compliment. I told Him yesterday any compliment any honor any glory I would humbly refer to Him, The Giver of Every Good & Perfect Gift.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Oh - I like their mission to plant seed - and let God provide the watering. You can't reap a harvest with planting that seed, loving it, nurturing it. We're huge Young Life Fans - so glad to discover Young America!!!

Denise said...

Awe inspiring post.

Doug Spurling said...

Blue Cotton Memory, thank you for stopping by, nice to see you. I'll have to check our Young Life. Keep planting friend.

Doug Spurling said...

Denise, thanks for your visit and comment, your encouragement is always refreshing. Bless you friend.

caryjo said...

So true!! I've learned over and over that if God calls me to do something, He is going to provide for me in a way I couldn't have imagined. Just to show me how a Wonderful Father ... A WONDERFUL FATHER ... excitedly treats His kids. And the blessings pour over and about and around.

Doug Spurling said...

Caryjo, thank you. My mom always says about her mother (my grandmother:

"Mom always said, you can't outgive God." My mom proves it by the way she lives. On a fixed income but always, always, has more than enough to give. You cannot leave her house without her giving you something.

S. Etole said...

God's provision always blesses ... always.

Doug Spurling said...

Susan, always, amen.