Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Voice Christening


January of 2012 the first letter on the keyboard was punched. Lofty goals were set. Only, I didn’t realize the key I’d use the most, was the one that said:


The story that was written on my heart, erased and rewritten, has finally reached a christening point. 

I read through the red line edits and errors, and regretted the days I played too much Tom and Huck, and not enough John-boy. But even still, the short nights and long days were worth every minute, because nothing compares to, The Voice,  releasing the song in your soul.

Thank you for setting sail with me, as we ride the waves with a little boy, an old sailor and a wounded warrior. I pray this story touches your heart. But more, I pray you feel His touch, and hear His Voice.

If angels and demons bicker back and forth, I do not know. But one thing’s for sure and certain—a battle rages just outside our natural senses. It’s a battle for your soul, and mine. I’ve asked the Lord to illuminate through this simple story, that battle, and the power of prayer.  

In the making of this book, long before one drop of ink was spilled—tears were shed and prayers were said. You see, I’ve lived much of the pain within these pages.

Have you ever felt the silencing grip of fear? Or, the lonesome agony of a lost loved one? Perhaps, you’ve known rejection. Or you’ve carried scars that bar others from seeing your heart?

Maybe…you still do.

I pray for you, to…

Hear, The Voice, that calls you now
Know, He hears, no matter how far
Accept, His Love, that casts out fear

…and sees no scars.

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caryjo said...

I am amazingly impressed with what you did and had been wondering why you weren't on the blog situation for a while. Well, ya dun good, as usual. IF my brain was working well enough to keep reading, I'd grab it. But I can hardly read anything now, b/c of dementia. BUT you're still a blessing to see and read your info on your blog. Thank you MUCH!! Hope many others grab it! Blessings...