Friday, October 16, 2015

How to find your Sweet Spot

Have you ever felt God? Heard Him? Sure you have, I’ll tell you when.

The world falls silent…

You swish a three pointer, nail a hole in one, land a ten pounder, roll a strike—three times in a row, shoot a bullseye, knock one clean outta the park…

In sports, that’s being in the zone. Or, finding your sweet spot.  

Have you ever been there?

Think. It’s important.

Your sweet spot may be a clue to your calling, your purpose, the reason for your being.

As for me, I write.

I have a job as an insurance adjuster, and I like it, I like it a lot. I’m thankful for it. It’s a great job.

But, I have to write. I get in the zone when I write. Time disappears and I feel accomplished, 
like I’ve done something that makes an eternal difference.  

It’s my sweet spot.   

Where’s yours?

Wait, before you answer, let me ask you a question.

Do you think God still puts on skin? You know, like when He slipped into the seed that became a Baby?

I do.

I believe He still puts on flesh and blood, skin and bones. I think He breathes through lungs that grow old and lips that get cold. He does it through your mailman and dentist, your child’s teacher and the meter reader. And that guy you called an idiot—you know, the one who cut you off in traffic.  

He breathes through you and me…or at least, He wants to.

You may not have recognized Him, but you’ve felt Him.

Do you want to know when? If we pay attention, we can know.

Okay, now remember that time you were in the zone. That sweet spot, when all the world was right; when time didn’t matter. You were at peace with the world and whatever you were doing felt right, natural, easy.

You were just…being.

Can you remember?

Next time, pay attention, listen. See if you feel a tug at your heart. Listen, not so much with your ears, but inside, see if you hear Him whisper…This is what I made you for.

Sound farfetched?

Consider the radio waves. They’re all around. Good music. Loud head bangin’ music. Disgusting noise some folks call music. Rap. Reggae, Jazz, County, Rock and Roll…it’s all there.

You can’t see it or hear it. You can’t taste it or feel it. But you know it’s there—ready to be tuned in to.

God is too.

He’s ever ready, waiting for you to tune into your sweet spot. 

To catch a glimpse of His presence

To feel the comfort of His peace

And experience the strength of His joy.

You know it’s true. 

You know it’s true, because He put that knowing in you.

He’s put a passion in you that ignites when near your purpose. 
It slides you into the zone.

That sweet spot feeling?

It’s His doing.

Think of how you want your child to excel in what they’re good at and what they enjoy.

That’s how our Heavenly Father is too. Only more.

He’s Good like that.

Until we meet again, ipray4u to find your sweet spot and this time hear His Voice whisper, here’s your gift, I made it just for you.


When are you in the zone?

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