Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Towers...

Burt Smith lived in Ordinary OK. But his life was far from ordinary. He just didn’t know it…yet.

3:00 a.m. September 11, 2001

The Commander and Burt had been at it for three days.
Neither stopped to eat or sleep. 
The warriors waited. Armed and ready they hovered around the two, waiting for the command, yearning to be put to flight, longing for a fight.  
They knew they’d been deployed for a reason—but that’s all they knew.
One unsheathed his sword. “Why are we here? What are we waiting for?”
Almost in unison the others spoke, “Obedience brings understanding.”
Each warrior nodded and the one who brandished his sword started to slide it back into its scabbard, but before he did he noticed a glint across the blade.
Every other warrior saw the same.
He raised his weapon toward heaven and it started to glow.
One by one the warriors unsheathed their swords and did the same. As the tips of their blades met, in unison they said “For the blood of the Lamb!”
All at once they were engulfed in a white light brighter than any welder’s spark. And at that moment they knew exactly what they had to do.
Into infernos they flew.
Towers fell.
Towers of Faith and Courage grew.
In the flames they comforted, encouraged and helped carry bodies from the flames of buildings to the streets of New York City…and souls from the flames of hell to the streets of glory.
Burt was unaware of the events taking place over fourteen hundred miles away on that Tuesday morning, September eleventh, 2001.  All he knew was that he could finally sleep.
He collapsed on the couch.  
Most of those who discovered the mission…weren’t around to tell about it…

Let me know if you’d like a signed and prayed over copy for you or a friend.

Battles are won or lost in the midnight hour
 By those who dare to wear
The Mantle of

The Silent Knight

The question is...

Will you be one of them?

Prayerfully yours,


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