Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why do folks have to die around Christmas?

God, why do You let folks die around Christmas?
Can’t You give us some relief…a reprieve?
For thirty days this side or that, please declare:
We’re just mere mortals we can’t stop the tears.
When we should celebrate the birth of Your Son, instead we remember the death of our loved one.

Why don’t You freeze all tears around Christmas? Only allow snow to fall. Let big, white, fluffy flakes float like angels. Cover all earth’s dirt and grime under one soft blanket of white. 
Just for this time.
Hold back the sorrow.
Dry the tears.
Keep death a bay.

You see my little house down here?
Remember how every year it lights up the sky and points toward heaven?
Every year but one.
This one.
Tonight when darkness falls it will cling to the eaves and saturate the walls where once jingling bells and sparkling lights lit up the night like the star of David.

Tuesday taps will play.
White gloves will lay, a red white and blue flag, into the trembling hands of a widow.
Tears will fall.
The widow will pray…
And every year from here on out, we won’t be able to help but remember, along with the birth of Your Son…the death of our loved one.
Why allow such a blemish on such a snowy white Day?
 Surely He who defeated death, hell and the grave can stay the tide, for just a short while.
What’s that You say?
I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life. I do not take pleasure in the death of my saints. I attend every funeral and welcome them to LIFE. Where no pain, no sickness, no blemish, no sorrow, will ever stain that snowy white day because…


In that there is no blemish.

Thank you Lord for the life of my dad, the death of Your Son. And for the hope that one day we will be reunited us as one. 

Until that glorious day my hope is found...

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