Monday, January 4, 2016


August 15th 1961
We were in Kenya, carrying on our missionary work–handing out bread with a message, Bread Of Life.
Sarah’s water broke the fourth of August. She was two weeks early!
The babies came! Two beautiful, handsome boys! I know, I was there, I saw them. I held them, I kissed them. Loved them…still do.
As I watched my wife cradling our boys I was in awe. My mind was spinning. From the two of us—two new creations have come.
They're people, real live tiny people. I have never felt closer to The Creator.
My precious Sarah, never looked so beautiful! She glowed.
And then...they were no more.
Through sweat and tears of joy and pain she eyed our sons. “Your father and I–two worlds united, and you—” She hesitated, bit her quivering lip and drew a deep breath—“Isaac and Ishmael, two worlds divided.”
I was confused, we planned to name them Peter (after her father) and David (after King David, the man after God's own heart).
She touched my hand, “I love you–see you soon.”
She was gone.
All went black.
The expanse of the universe cannot contain the breadth of emotion I traveled that day.
I woke to thunder–in my head, and a nurse about to stick a needle in my arm.
"Sarah! Where's my wife!"
“She didn't make it” hissed the nurse.
“Where's my boys—I want to see my boys! I want to see my wife!”
I yanked a bandage off my head and felt dried blood.
“You bumped your head when you fainted.”
“Fine” hissed the snake as she jerked a curtain back that divided the room.
One baby, not ours, lay...

From Conspiracy Theory...or not

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Although, the story lands on the fiction shelf, a little research will expose that many of the events and dates are historically accurate, making the storyline plausible.

The golden thread that weaves the plot together comes from a belief in the strength of family, the power of prayer and the battles that rage against that the story holds true.

Is it fact or decide. 

Just beyond our natural senses there's a battle going on for you...for me. The turmoil we see on the nightly news is a reflection of this battle. 

Be forewarned: This is not a politically correct story...but that doesn't mean it is not correct. 

Thank you for continuing to send your prayer requests. ipray4u.

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Betty Draper said...

That was a powerful post. I just started a book by Jim Cymbala called, STorm, Hearing Jesus for The Times WE Live In. Goes along with your post. Good one.