Monday, March 27, 2017

If I had the nerve I'd tell you...

I saw you sneak up behind the pulpit and lay an envelope on my Bible. 
Then, more of you snuck up too.
I knew what you were doing—but couldn’t believe it was true.
It should’ve been me, sneaking envelopes to you.
I didn’t look until I got home—or the rest of the service, I’d have been a wreck.
You see, I receive more from you showing up each week, than anything I could ever give.
If I had the nerve I’d tell you, that behind the scenes, behind the man that stands behind the pulpit; is a child.
You’d never take me serious, if I told you how weak and scared and unworthy I am.
If I let you know how much I’ve failed, you’d never have listened to a word I said.
If I revealed my shadowy past, surely you’d walk away.
But…somehow, I did.
And, somehow, you didn’t.
And every time we meet, and every time you fill an empty seat, and every time I see your glowing face, I stand in awe more and more every day at God’s amazing grace that shines through each and every one of you…especially when you reached out to say thanks, to such a wretch like me. 

There are no words to write, or say, but with tears of gratitude, overwhelmed with love…I thank God, for you and pray His very best saturates you and yours in body, soul and spirit.
I love and pray for you

A tribute to Whispering Pines Bible Thumpers Group 

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