Sunday, July 26, 2009

Labor - Quick & Easy?

Kayla, lay on the hospital bed looking uncomfortable. "Hi Bug" I whispered as I kissed her forehead.

Alison and Terrelle are youth pastors. Alison recently had her second baby. A boy. I was glad to see she was in the room to be with my baby girl having a baby. I told her so. She told me,

"we took control of the atmosphere by praying against all the negative words being spoken about how hard it's going to be and we prayed for it to go quick and easy."

"Quick and easy, I believe that. Pain in child bearing was apart of the curse, right? And, we have been redeemed from the curse. " I responded.

3:15pm - Kayla started pushing.

3:32pm - Damarius Lamonte was born into this world. Twenty-one and a quarter inches, six and a half pounds, full head of hair, handsome and healthy.

Somewhere between first push and cutting the cord, Kayla, said, "I think I'm in heaven." Words I don't think the hospital staff have ever heard from the mouth of a woman in labor.

I was told, "When the doctor comes out of her room, then you can go in." There he was, so there I went. Making a beeline toward the door. Slowing slightly to shake hands with the Doc, thank him and ask how it went. "That was the easiest delivery, I didn't do any work, I just did a little coaching."

A few more feet down the hall Jennifer the nurse offered, "Congratulations ! That was the most uncomplicated birth I've ever witnessed." Earlier Jennifer advised she was off work at 3:30 and didn't expect to see a baby before then. I told her she would. Reminding her I said, "This is a testimony to the power of prayer, I told you we would see a baby before you left."

A faithful prayer in the hands of love is the most powerful force on earth.

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