Saturday, September 5, 2009

Red Stop. Green...Wait?

I have a gift, for hitting red lights and pot holes. I can find a pot hole on every road I travel. And red lights, I have a knack for hitting those too. Not just kind -of-red, but the whole cotton picking red. Sad to say I think it's spreading. I'm developing the ability to wait at green lights as well.

Why, when the light turns green do I have to wait?

We all see it turn green at the same time right? Then, why can't we all move our foot from brake to accelerator at the same time? And start moving together, like one big happy family?Why, if I'm several cars back waiting in line do I have to wait for the first car to move, and then the second car to move and then the third car to move and get the point. And sometimes before the car in front of me ever moves the da-gone light turns red again. What's up with that? Uhggg. I don't get it.

I wonder why in life, I have to wait when I have a green light for things I'm ready to move forward in. I know I must prepare and waiting is involved in that. Like if I want to be a doctor, I can't just walk in and start doing surgery, jus' cuz I wanna. But how about, things I'm already prepared for? I have everything I need to accelerate yet I'm stuck waiting in line. What do I do about that? I've been asking God about this lately and one word keeps coming to mind; Timing. Going from stop to start at a traffic light is simple if timed right, it's a mess if it's timed wrong. Seems timing is involved in just about everything. According to our timing; we swing and miss or hit a homerun; land the job or search the want ads, create a masterpiece or burn the cake, accelerate at the right time or cause a wreck.

There is no lack. God didn’t create the world with not enough. He is the God of more than enough. (People lack, yes. But, it’s not because there isn’t enough. It’s because of waste or abuse or a myriad of other reasons, but that’s for another time.) I think this also applies to time. There is no lack of time. Now, this is a hard concept for me to grasp. But, I hope it’s true. Because I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life.

We live in a world filled with people sitting at various traffic lights in life. Timing is important with things. It’s top priority with people. (Try saying "Happy Anniversary Dear," after being reminded and see how far bad timing gets you.) Paying attention to the timing of others will help us move forward as well.

Maybe the next time we’re sitting at a red light we can make the most of our time. Say that prayer that needs praying. Talk to the One who multiplied the fish and the loaves… He can do the same with our time.

PS This really works. After posting this my wife and I went for a drive, about 200 miles round trip. I started looking forward to the red lights I was invariably going to hit. At which time I started to pray for the people around me. I have never seen such short red lights in all my life. I wasn't even done praying and the da-gone light was turning green. And the folks were taking off as soon as the light turned green. They must have read my blog.

Oh, one more thing. Seems on this trip I started to develop a gift for hitting green lights as well.

Thanks for stopping by you have a green light to leave a comment. I love reading them.



Anne L.B. said...

I love your blog.

He is the God of more than enough. *sigh*

Always, He is. His ability to grant appreciation for red lights (which I HATE) shows His goodness. I'll remember and pray. I'll not fail to bless.

Thank you, Doug. Your words are silver.

jude urbanski said...

Doug, your analogies are spot on!! I wont look at traffic lights the same again.


Kristi L said...

Hi Doug ~ what a fun post! I found you from being a follower of "Getting Down With Jesus". I laughed to myself because sooo many times I have thought the same thing "why aren't we moving all together here?" Luckily I go to work at 5 am and the traffic lights are mostly blinking yellow. I do love your insight ~ I'll be stopping by frequently.

Yours In Christ!
Kristi (NW Iowa)

Sherri said...

What a gem (again). A small nugget that can make a difference in my life.

I sometimes think I'm getting wiser as I age...but then I hit those red lights. Perhaps now I'll take those opportunities God has graciously given.

Thanks again brother!

Denise said...

You have a wonderful blog, blessings to you.