Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Isaac/Ishmael Project - The Plan

June 2008

I am an old man now. I’ve given my remaining years in pursuit of the truth about what happened to my boys.

Many times over the years I have been tempted to give up hope. My searching seemed to be in vain. But then I would remember my mother’s letter found me after all those years and it would give me strength to carry on. “Weary not in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Always remember even when things happen we don’t understand – GOD IS LOVE – And love never fails.”

During the presidential campaign in the United States – I started to find answers. All my years of searching started to make sense. Now, I know where my boys are. More importantly, I know who they are.

Whoever reads this journal may not believe what I’m about to write. But I trust my God will reveal the Truth.

Because of their bloodlines my sons are considered providential to the plan of Allah – as was I.

They were taken to be pruned for a diabolical purpose. Isaac was planted with the woman who gave birth to the sickly child shown to me when I woke up from being hit on the head. She immediately flew out of the country – to the United States, to Hawaii.

The other; Ishmael, was taken to Iran. He has known no home or family and has been raised as a militant. As it is written of his ancestor, “He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

Mysteriously all of those who could have knowledge of this birth have died. Seemingly of natural causes, I know different. I alone remain.

It was set in motion. They call it the Ishmael/Isaac Project. If you can believe it – the-powers-that-be have mocked the world through the similarities of their names. Two brothers at war; two worlds divided.

May 2010

The Signal

He appeared again. Bronzed leather over muscle, brilliant white clothes, almost fifty years later yet he still appeared to be a young man. He handed me a document and on it was written:

“When the infidels pollute the waters with Allah’s blessing the time has come to clean up the shores of the Great Satan and her offspring.”

It is time to wake our Inn Keepers and Gas Station Attendants” ~ Ishmael.

I wept thinking this was written by my son. “What’s the meaning of this?” I asked.

“Allah’s blessing is the wealth brought from oil in the land. When America pollutes the waters (ocean) with oil it is Allah’s signal to clean up; to remove The United States and her offspring; Israel.

The Inn Keepers and Gas Station Attendants are sleeper cells controlling the lodging and fuel stations in America.”

Handing me the notebook I had lost years ago - and thought I would never see again, he said: “Complete and translate to English. I will return and show you the one who will know what to do.”

A short time after his visit I read of the news about the BP oil spill and knew this was the signal. I also knew that it was no accident. But a premeditated explosion to cause division between the western nations and signal Allah’s purging.

July 4th 2010

Dear Friend, This will be my last entry in this journal – perhaps my last night on this earth.

I don’t know you but tomorrow we meet.


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