Thursday, November 4, 2010


Have you ever found a penny? 
               -  Listen. God’s trying to tell you something.

One day I found a penny.

I stopped and picked it up.

The next day I found another.

This started a routine that puzzled me.

Without trying, without searching I started finding a penny a day.

At first, I thought it coincidence. After two weeks of finding a penny a day, I thought it weird.

I thought I must be sub-consciously looking for them. So, the next day I refused to look at the ground; walked around with nose in the air.

I was doing fine until mid-afternoon. I walked across the parking lot with nose held high. When I looked down to open the truck door…you guessed it. There on the ground, as pretty as a picture; a beautiful copper penny.

“Lord are you trying to show me something?”

Suddenly, one day, after seeing, stopping, bending down, picking up, holding and praying.

This came to me…

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted... (Psalm 34:18)

The Lord GOD, gathers the outcasts… (Isaiah 56:8)

He heals the brokenhearted... (Psalm 147:3)

“Those pennies have been cast aside.

Counted as nothing.

Many have been seen and stepped over.

Not counted as worthy enough to stoop down and pick up.

Many of my people are like those pennies.

In the same way I have given you eyes to see those pennies,

and the conviction to pick them up.

I have given you eyes to see My people and

the conviction to pick them up.”

…I stopped seeing pennies that day, and started seeing people.

Have you ever found a penny?
                  - Listen. God’s trying to tell you something

Kayla, thank you my sweet daughter for prompting this repost.  I know at times you may feel small, like you don't amount to much. But, did you know that a penny is worth more by weight than it's face value? Likewise, what God has put inside you is more valuable than the world gives you credit for.  You are precious in His sight...and mine. Love Dad.


Glynn said...

A powerful lesson with such a simple example. Great post, Doug.

Doug Spurling said...

Ah, the power of the simple and awesome love of God.

Glynn, You, my friend are such a powerful encourager.

Kathleen Overby said...

I'm with you. The most battered ones are my favorite. I always, always stop to pick them up. Pennies from heaven. The best part is that they remind me-"In God We Trust". I do. Remember. I get a renewed sense of being loved and believe wholeheartedly that it is a tangible way He shows me. I have a thing with seals and heart shaped things also. The heart shaped thing? It has gotten way out of hand. Sometimes, I say, "Stop Lord, I can't take anymore." :)
Love your take on such a simple thing. Wish we could compare penny piles.

Doug Spurling said...


Nice to hear from you. Seems you've captured the Lord's heart and your cup runs over to the point sometimes you say... "Stop Lord, I can't take anymore." :)

That my friend is a good place to be. Keep smiling and trusing.

Sheryl said...

I love how God catches our attention and speaks so personally to each of us. Thanks for a great reminder.

Linda said...

I love this Doug. My mind so often works that way - seeing a little something from the Lord in the things around me. I think it wonderful when He speaks these things into our hearts.

Doug Spurling said...

Sheryl, Amen - a God so great He could create the whole wide world and yet choose to consider one as lowly as I. Such love such wonderous that as you said is a real attention catcher...thank You for the reminder.

Doug Spurling said...

Linda, "seeing a little something from the Lord in the things around me." Those are good eyes that see the Creator in the creation, His handiwork painted in the sky. This is His whisper and yes it is wonderful in our eyes. Keep seeing our Big God in the little somethings.

Bonnie Gray said...

I love hearing the conversations you have with our Lord, Doug. And of course, you happen to tell stories that hook us and are true and encouraging.

Doug Spurling said...

Thanks Faith B ~ it's so nice to hear from you.

You're welcome to "listen in" on our conversations anytime. And if you want to join in - that would even be better.

May you be richly blessed my faith-filled friend.

S. Etole said...

I always stop for those "pennies" ... they also remind me of change.