Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a little more love

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Hi thanks for visiting – nice to see you again. Do you remember the last time we spoke I wrote about two words – and Peter? You see, although it’s only two words it makes a world of difference… to me anyway, and maybe you too.

You may have noticed in the last story, I shared the four gospel accounts of the resurrection from the perspective of a conversation between Peter and Mary Magdalene. In each gospel an angel appears with instructions to go tell the disciples that Jesus is alive and He’s going to Galilee. The last account I shared was the one found in the gospel of Mark; and my personal favorite. And maybe; two of my favorite words in the whole Bible – and Peter.

The law of first mention in theological circles states that which is named first takes precedence. With this in mind it is interesting that in all the line ups in scripture where the disciples are listed Peter always stands in front. He is always listed first. Except now in this case in Mark, Peter is added with the conjuncture, and. As if Peter didn’t belong to the original group of disciples. This would make sense if they were talking about someone not a part of the group. For example, “Go and tell His disciples and Lazarus” or “Go and tell His disciples and Zacheus.” But Peter? Surely Peter was already a disciple - why mention him?

The example that blurs my vision is, “Go and tell His disciples and Doug.”

You see, although a different time and place, like Peter I walked with Him, I talked with Him and I grew up hearing His name. The home I grew up in was far from perfect but Jesus was the center of my world. I grew to love His Word written and spoken. Yet after all of that, I denied Him. I looked the other way when the wind blew and the waves grew.

If anyone should have been a disciple – it should have been me. I had all the opportunities. I had Bible school handed to me on a silver… I experienced His miracles and felt His love…yet in my night, before the rooster’s crow – I turned the other cheek and walked away. And like Peter, I figured there’s no way I could be considered one of His own. Not anymore, not after all I’ve done.

But then one day I heard a scratchy voiced teary eyed preacher say… “People say God loves everybody the same. Well, I’m here to say, He doesn’t. Sometimes God loves some people just a little bit more. And Peter needed a little more love right about then. And God gave it. He does the same today for anyone who will receive it. Put your name in that spot in place of Peter’s and think about this; God knows your faults before you do them, He is not surprised at your sin, He meets you at your worst and ugliest place and lays down on an old rugged cross right there and dies the worst and ugliest death - just for you.”

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13

If you’re feeling like you need just a little more love today. Well then, this was written just for you.

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