Sunday, May 12, 2013

(Un) Happy Mother's Day

Dear family, I know you miss mom. Especially today as the world stops to say thanks to theirs.

She was your friend, your support, your one true fan. She was the one who always saw the good in you—even when you couldn’t. She was always there for you—until now.

And days like today that celebrate her honor are bitter sweet; bitter present—sweet memory.

I wish I had an antidote I could type here to take away the pain. Like mom’s can do a hundred times a day—kiss the boo-boo and make it go away.

But I don’t, I can’t.

What I can do is what I’ve done and this note is just to let you know.

I said a prayer and shed a tear and asked,

The One who is near the broken hearted,

The One who holds our dearly departed,

to be especially near you today.

And I’m sure He heard because I felt His goodness as I wiped my eyes and remembered His sweet Word say:

He is especially near you today. Everything good has come down from The Father as a gift. He doesn’t take back His gifts once given. Every good thing we miss about mother is still here because we are, because He is…and in that way she is.

We may have lost her--but she's not lost.

The gifts, the goodness, the love, that which is worth saving, worth savoring, worth remembering— remains. It remains in you, in me, in each other.

Yes, the skin is gone, the bones passed away. But that gift that we call Mother—no, she will never pass away.

So in this, even when and if it hurts, I say: Happy Mother’s Day.


caryjo said...

I definitely look forward to seeing my Mom in heaven. Seeing her laughing, serving, rejoicing, caring, focused on the Lord instant-by-instant and putting up with family and friends again moment-by-moment, that will be the true revelation of her Now Forever Life.

Thanks for sharing so beautifully, as usual, Doug. Bless your day.

Kelly Stanley said...

Sweet words of comfort and a good reminder on this bittersweet day: We may have lost her--but she's not lost. Thank you.