Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Small seeds grow big trees

Trying to read a text message on my ol’ flip-phone is like trying to gallop from a car-seat, where a saddle oughta go.

But it was good. The message—not so much the mode.  

She texted a few words, quiet and simple. Not flashy with photos on Facebook or Google. But, quiet and simple, private and personal. 

Like a friend on the back porch, with a cup of soup on a cold day. Or better still, a pecan pie fresh from the oven. 

With time and effort, punching the dial pad one number at a time, multiple times, to create each letter, I texted her back and told her thanks. I told her, life’s like fishing. Cast and cast, and wonder if there’s any fish out there. But now and then, you reel in a keeper.

That’s what your text meant to me.


Small seeds grow big trees

Thanks for sharing... you just might, make someone’s day.

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