Monday, March 16, 2015

Here he is...

Whew…feels like I’m trying to catch my breath. Maybe, it’s all that coffee.


Friday, at my friend’s Memorial Service, I stood behind a pulpit—something I thought I’d never do again.

Three grandkids spent the weekend, that’s always a whirlwind or two.

Saturday I went sailing. Now, that was breathtaking.

Sunday my daughter went into the hospital and it was a hold-your-breath-day waiting for the call that her son had come…he finally did at 12:34 this morning. (3.16.15)

Do you wanna say, ‘hi’?

Okay… let me introduce 6lb. 9oz.  Mr. Stefan William Gronewold.

At first he didn't cry and needed a breathing tube, but now, all is well. 

Mommy and daddy are exhausted, (mostly mommy). 

We won't be able to see him for another month or so...hope I can hold my breath that long. 

Thanks for your prayers and for stopping by. 


Glynn said...

Kinda looks like his granddad. Congratulations, Doug, to you and your family!

Unknown said...

congratulations this is a handsome little baby. I am happy for the grandparents and mommy and daddy
lots of hugs coming from this side of the country