Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How prayer works...through the eyes of a child

A sleepy giddy grin crossed his lips as he thought about prayer.
He wondered how it worked. How could God hear him…and someone else a mega-jillion miles away on the other side of the world—all at the same time?
Maybe it’s like a cell phone. 
Prayer is calling God’s cell phone number.
No, that wouldn’t work…‘cuz what if a bunch of folks called at the same time? God doesn’t have busy signals or answering machines.
The Sunday School teacher had said, God is everywhere.
Maybe…God’s like air. Air is all over the place—God is all over the place. You can’t see air—you can’t see God. Yeah, that’s it...God's like air.
And somebody…maybe the preacher, or mom or dad or maybe even sister acting like a teacher, one of them said, God will live inside a person, if He’s invited.
Well, that’s like air, too, because air goes inside a person when they take a breath. 
He took a deep breath and smiled.
Yep. God is all over the place like air. That’s why He can hear everybody when they pray.  
Air is good…it makes sailboats go.
But, what about underwater, where there’s no air?
Maybe that’s why God made it so people can’t talk underwater.
He giggled and then his stomach growled at the smell of pancakes. 
Maybe prayers are like smells… 
Does God smell prayers? He wrinkled his nose. 
I don’t know how He does it—just glad He does.
He hopped out of bed and followed his nose down the steps...
As he passed through the foyer he glanced toward the picture of Jesus and whispered, “Thanks.”
And deep inside his heart he knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt—God heard him.  
(pg 147-148 The Voice)

"Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”
(Luke 18:17 ESV) 

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