Thursday, November 26, 2015

THANKS defined


Two words joined in such holy matrimony they really should be one—THANKYOU

But alas, they’re not.
 They’re two.
Separated by space.
Separate individuals.
Like you.
Like me.

Acknowledge. Recognize. Appreciate. Characterize the meaning of ‘THANK.’

THANK, alone, is a Medal Of Honor, without a chest to pin it on.
A trophy without a shelf to place it on
A ribbon without a wall to hang it on

THANK, alone, is a greeting card left in the box
A plaque in the dark
A painting never unveiled
A cookie never handed to a child
The Statue of Liberty, never finished, never given

THANK without giving is gold undiscovered buried dark in a cavern

But added to YOU it comes to life.
Becomes personal.
Brings a smile.
Joy and Laughter.
When given, it creates a holy matrimony.

If somehow through ways and means or cyber space, this THANKS finds its way to YOU know that it is not by chance or some fluke of circumstance.
Consider it an act of Grace, to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate:


We are family.

Lest we forget
To those who sacrifice
And for those who’ve died
To keep us free


Lest we be remiss
To The One Who paid the greatest respect, showed the greatest honor, acknowledged to the greatest degree, by paying the price, by being the ultimate sacrifice, was HE who laid down His Life, to set us free in this life and the next.
Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
Today, above all we do,

 We give thanks, to YOU.