Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's Your Day

Continued from: Sink Swim or Walk on Water.

After driving all night we sleep walk to hospital Information booth.

“What room is Dean Spurling in?”

“Follow this hall take your first right you’ll see the elevators on the left. Go to the fifth floor.”

We walk away no one remembers what was said. I think Tess from Touched By An Angel appeared and led us to Dad’s room.

Dad looked pale. That look you never want to see. His night was longer than ours… He needed prayer.

A love filled prayer in the hands of faith is the most powerful force on earth. In the past I could say I’d been praying for a full recovery and mean it too. I like prayer. I believe in prayer. I know God answers prayer. But this time I was a little off balance and so were my prayers.

A week or so before the call that sent us to Tulsa I was admiring the beautiful autumn leaves and silently thanking God for them. All of a sudden, an overwhelming feeling came over me, a deep somberness. I could sense the words “This time next year a lot of things are going to be different.” I don’t know what that meant. But I suddenly thought of my Dad and also my Mother-in-law. Now I’m not making any predictions or insinuating anything, I’m just telling you what happened. With that being said, when the call came about my Dad, I wasn’t surprised I almost expected it.

For the first time in my life regarding a person’s health I felt a hesitation when I prayed. I was confused. I know confusion isn’t from God but I couldn’t shake the hazy fog that enveloped my prayers.

I posted a simple word about driving all night to Tulsa because Dad had a heart attack. That was all it took. To me it was a simple message, to a prayer warrior’s ear it was a call to battle.

When knocked off course it’s easy to disengage. I felt like an outsider looking in. But, you reached out. You reached in. You went to praying and encouraging. I saw you, I heard you, and now I thank you.

Stopping for fuel I’d occasionally check in with this new fangled blackberry. I didn’t say anything, but I saw you. I could see a buzz about my Dad. Folks I didn’t know posting prayer requests for us, for my Dad. Wow. That amazes me, humbles me.

I felt the strength of your prayers, not mine. This man of prayer was prayer-less. This prayer warrior dropped his sword. In my weakness the Lord showed Himself strong and able to stir an army with a simple word.

The earth is small and life is short. I’ve just been on the receiving end of prayer and I can testify; it works.

I believe many things will be different this time next year. I know we have the ability to affect change. I am not a doomsayer but I do believe the Lord gives warning to His people just as we warn our children if we see them headed toward danger.

I believe it's imperative for us to get our house in order, tie up loose ends and make prayer a monumental part of our lives, individually and corporately. (Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not this applies to you.)

Let this simple letter be a warning, a wakeup call. I guarantee that one hundred years from today every one of us will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God exists, hell is real, and where you will spend eternity. Right now, you may not know where your eternal home will be. If you don’t know for sure then you probably aren’t prepared, you still have some loose ends that need to be dealt with. A person can only accept the invitation for salvation at the appointed time, NOW. Tomorrow never comes.

If you don’t know Jesus please say this prayer. If you do, please say this prayer with someone on your mind that needs to.

Dear Jesus, I don’t know where I’m headed for eternity, but I want to. If you can hear me, if you’ll have me I want to live for you. I don’t know how, will you help me? I know I’ve sinned, and since that keeps me from you please forgive me and help me to change, to repent, to follow you. Thank you. I believe in you now and forever. Amen.

Tell somebody. Tell me. Ask for prayer from others believe me I know it works.

Thanks for stopping by – my next post I’ll tell you Dad’s words that lifted the hazy fog


Denise said...

Nice to read a post from you, praying for you and your family.

roxyspurling said...

I love your post, I love the Bible passages you added, and I love your beautiful picture and I love you ... I remember the day you had that feeling.

Your wife.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Those long hours of not hearing back from you were hard—and all more reason to pray.

I'll watch for that next post.

... the members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it ... Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually. (1 Corinthians 12:25-27)