Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Stick

We’ve had it for years. It’s old and weathered. It doesn’t do anything but sit there. It has no earthly value. We couldn’t sell it if we tried, no one would want it.

I know it was an accident. Diamond didn’t mean to drop it.

If it was anybodies’ fault it was mine. I placed it there on display, in the way for anyone to bump – especially a six year old. She did. It fell. And it broke.

“It’s just a stick” said Roxy. But I saw a tear trying to escape before she turned away.

It was a simple gift. It was fragile. A life time of memories lay there… broken.

Roxy found it in the woods and used it as a walking stick during a family vacation. Her brother secretly brought it home, attached a wind chime, and gave it as a gift.

Roxy loves wind chimes, and is especially fond of this one. Every time the wind causes it to sing she’s reminded of her brother.

But really now it’s just a stick, right? Or is it more?

Maybe our simple gifts are more than just sticks for fire wood. Maybe a kind word can change a life. Maybe a phone call can save one.

And maybe the reverse is true as well.

We may say “I was only joking.” Thinking our words and deeds of little consequence; nothing more than dried up old sticks. But, in reality they hold the keys to winning or losing a wounded soul.

I stare at the broken stick and wonder about the one who gave it. I think; “Maybe, if we’d have reached out to the-stick-giver more… he wouldn’t have taken his life.”

I don’t know for sure but I wish I had another chance…

I remember a story about a man who had a stick. He raised it. The Lord chimed in with a wind that parted the Red Sea.

I can’t part the Red Sea. Neither could Moses. But, he offered what he had, if only a stick. God took the gift of obedience and saved lives.

Another Man was obedient unto death. He said, “Not my will but yours be done.” And on a simple piece of wood His life was broken.
And that old wooden stick was used to save us all.

My Lord let our heart break for that which breaks yours. And thank You for Your promise that You heal the broken hearted.


Cherie said...

Simply beautiful!

A Joyful Noise said...

Only a stick, but it was something precious to you. Often we feel like that stick, something no one else would want, but Jesus takes the unlovely and loves us anyway. We are precious to HIM. Yes, we need to reach out to others who see themselves as worthless and only a stick. May we become more observant to others and their pain.

Kath said...

This is true, that the simple and insignificant can change things. And small incidents turn our minds to what's important.

Ann Kroeker said...

What a great reminder that the simplest things may have the greatest impact on our lives.

My 9yo son loves sticks. He has one not unlike Roxy's that is precious to him in his play.

And I have a wonderful stick I picked up at the beach one vacation that is so beautiful and weathered, I keep it on my dresser in the bedroom.

It's just a stick.

And now, thanks to you, when I look at that stick, I shall think of much more than my love of the sea. I shall ponder Moses...and the Lord Himself.