Friday, January 27, 2012

the voice.

Do you remember a recent post titled: The Voice – I love you? It was about a little boy named Ricky and the moment of his salvation. He heard The Voice call to him and he responded with a quivering lip and a… “little boy’s knees hit a wet tile floor. Little hands rose toward the man in the clouds. And a little voice whispered, ‘I love you, too.’ ”

Well, in the Foyer where that story took place there was another story taking place. Today I’d like to take you there. You’ll have to reach out your hands before you and take hold of the invisible zipper. Unzip the skin of this seen realm and step through the flap into the unseen realm. You’ll find another scene awaits…


the voice screamed… “NO! NO! NO!”

In the Throne Room he stood, pointing an accusatory finger. the voice echoed from heaven, through the solar system, down through the atmosphere. All the way from The Throne Room to the Foyer – where a little boy kneeled, on tear splattered tile.

The Archangel Gabriel heard. He was sent to witness the awakening. He stood just to the left of the kneeling child, Ricky.

Another Angel from the Host of Heaven – Ricky’s Guardian Angel, David, stood by Ricky’s right side, and covered the ears of the boy.

Pacing back and forth behind the trio was dribgnos; the demon assigned to Ricky. dribgnos covered his own ears. The echo pounded in his head like a migraine, NO! NO! NO! he stopped six feet from the weeping child, pointed a trembling, crooked finger, and released the words that pounded. dribgnos tried to imitate the sound echoing like-a-lion’s-roar in his head, but it sounded more like a scared cat. “no. no. no.”

The child heard nothing, but Gabriel’s voice singing, “I love you.”

dribgnos screamed, “it’s not time, he’s too young, he’s mine, he’s mine. no. no. no. lucifer will have my head.” Squeezing his skull with talons he dropped to one knee. “not again.”

Gabriel looked and remembered the pathetic creature’s former self, before the rebellion, before the fall, before he was cast from heaven and before his wretched decision to turn – turned him inside out.

“Praying? songbird.” asked Gabriel.

“don’t call me that, you, you, you…” dribgnos grabbed his head acting as if some sudden pain pulled him away from the conversation. he was in pain, yes – but that was nothing new. he grabbed his head to hide two things: the fact that he couldn’t think of anything to say…and the quiver in his chin.

“Cat got your tongue, songbird?” David laughed. His voice flowed like a song.

“it’s not over, i’ll get him” dribgnos whimpered, and then looked at Gabriel, “why?”

“I knew you’d ask” “Gabriel said, “And why not? It’s a simple message, from HIM.”

When Gabriel mentioned HIM, he looked toward heaven. dribgnos looked toward hell and cowered like a whipped pup.



caryjo said...

WOW!! Caught my attention, BIG TIME!

Denise said...

Wow, very powerful.

Doug Spurling said...

Hi caryjo
Hi Denise...

WOW! Two Wows from you two. Thank you! More to the story posting Monday. Thanks for your visit.