Monday, January 30, 2012

The Voice. Eternity wears no watch.

CONTINUED FROM 1.27.12: the voice.

Do you remember a recent post titled: The Voice – I love you? It was about eight year- old, Ricky, and the moment of his salvation. He heard The Voice call to him and he responded with a quivering lip, and… “little boy knees hit a wet tile floor. Little hands rose toward the man in the clouds. And a little voice whispered, ‘I love you, too.’ ”

Well, in the Foyer where that story took place there was another story taking place – a story of Angels and demons. Today we continue with that story. So, take hold of the invisible zipper. Unzip the skin of this seen-realm, pull back the flap and step through into the unseen-realm. You’ll find the scene awaits…


“I knew you’d ask” “Gabriel said, “And why not? It’s a simple message, from HIM.”

When Gabriel mentioned HIM, he looked toward heaven. dribgnos looked toward hell and cowered like a whipped pup.

“but wwwhy… you?” dribgnos stammered.

“I was told to go to this child and tell him simply what HE tells everyone; ‘I love you.’ It’s nothing new. But yes, this child is special. His voice will echo throughout the earth. He will carry The Voice of The One Who Sits on The Throne.”

dribgnos began pacing again, and whispering under his breath … “The Voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of The LORD; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.’ The book of Isaiah… or something like that, i think.” dribgnos clenched and unclenched his fists and teeth.

“Before the great and dr… dreadf… dreadful day of The Lord… hearts of fathers to the children… the crooked places shall be made straight, the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.”

dribgnos tried to quote every text from The Book his low lord lucifer told him to pay attention to, but, they were all mixed up. he continued to mumble to himself…“The Voice said, “Cry out!” And he said, “What shall I cry?”

dribgnos stopped. his eyes bulged red. he repeated; “What shall I cry. A wicked smile creased his ugly face. “What shall I cry…WHAT shall I CRY.” he shot a crooked finger toward the child, “HA…that’s it. He won’t have a voice, i’ll steal the word. He’ll stammer and stutter and drive himself crazy. ‘WHAT shall I cry, WHAT shall I cry? WHAT shall I cry,’ dribgnos danced. “He may feel the need, and hear the call, but he won’t heed; because, i’ll confuse his mind… and no words will come. HA!”

A putrid stench filled the unseen realm as laughter drooled from the bared fangs of the demon.

“So… you’ll try and make him turn out just- like-you?” David spit the words at the demon.

dribgnos ignored the Angel. his pacing turned to prancing; “oh… but he’ll cry. he’ll cry a lot. i’ve already taken care of that… ‘cry baby’s quiver – here comes the river.’ ” dribgnos strutted proud of his plan derived by perverting The Word – just like lucifer taught him.

Gabriel and David turned toward dribgnos wanting to spit on the wretched parasite, and squish him like the bug he was. David started toward the rodent. Gabriel didn’t stop him. He towered over the back pedaling demon and waited for the go ahead, to behead, this putrid being, and send him forever to the pit – but no such word was given.

Slow and calm Gabriel spoke. “Try as you may, dribgnos, The Word shut up in his bones will come. His voice will be heard. The Voice has spoken.” Gabriel was gone.

Angel stared at demon. Eternity wears no watch. An eternity passed, as they faced each other. However, only one second clicked, off earth’s clock.





kd sullivan said...

Eternity wears no watch. What a great thought. Chronos and kairos. What an interesting study.

caryjo said...

OK! Yes, continue...

Denise said...

Awe inspiring my friend.

Doug Spurling said...

Denise, thank you - I appreciate and pray for you, always nice to see you stop by.

Doug Spurling said...

caryjo, thank you, the story is not complete yet, I'm downloading my heart as I write, I know the end I want - I just pray I don't stall out before Ricky reaches the goal...kinda like life.

Doug Spurling said...

kd - thanks for your visit. yes, we are bound to the tic-toc, but Eternity moves "in the fullness of time"

S. Etole said...

I'm hooked ...