Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's better to twiddle with? Blueberry or ihop?

"The top of my flip phone broke, I want to learn to Twiddle, so should I get a Blueberry or an i-hop phone?"

Dad, you've got to be kidding. IHOP is where you get blueberry waffles. You can twiddle your thumbs while you wait. Or, you can twitter with a BlackBerry or an iPhone.

Oh... well, besides feeling stupid, now I'm hungry, let's eat and you can teach about this new fangled phone-slash-computer business.

If you ever have a computer or fancy-phone related question… ask a kid.

We sat down to eat, (at I HOP.)

“The new iPhone 3GS cell phone features faster performance, a video camera, play movies, and music, voice control and GPS maps, with compass . With the BlackBerry distance is truly outdated, smartphones keep everyone close, e-mail, text, instant message, access social networks, share latest updates. Find more, know more, do more. Browse the web, organize personal data. Bring your own entertainment, snap pictures, remember forms for quick and easy purchases. And no rush smartphones don’t have a closing time...”

“Really? ... Interesting.” I had no idea what she just said. But, it sounded familiar. I knew this stuff.

Hey, I have a device it has live streaming downloads. It’s water proof and I use it when I’m fishing.
Really? What is it, some kind of Mp3 player?
An iPod?
Nope…. It’s called a, RAD I O. (radio)(smiles)

Seriously, this phone business got me to thinking. It is amazing to me that no matter where I’m at, if you call my number somehow, the signal will know where to go and find me. We’re electronically leashed. The GPS will somehow find where I’m at and lead me to where I need to go. Satellites or towers direct our communications to where they need to go. No matter how far, we are connected. No closing time.

We’ve had access to all of this stuff for a long time. It’s not new. It’s old, as old as man. We can connect anytime, anywhere to the greatest communication in the world.

Lost? No problem, directions available.

Need someone to talk to? On call 24/7.

Questions? Live streaming downloads from The Limitless Data Source.

Broken? Help to find and fix is only a call away.

The number…. P R A Y E R.

"A faithful prayer in the hands of love is the most powerful force on earth."

call today


Billy Coffey said...

Great post, Doug. And thankfully, those are the calls that always find a singnal and always go through. Even when I'm roaming.

Anne L.B. said...

Yesterday we got caught in bad weather and the gentleman nearby pulled up the weather site radar on his hand held device. It looked like the storm would last and we adjusted. God had other plans and we adjusted again. I should have asked God in the first place! :D

Thanks for another reminder, Doug.

Anne L.B. said...

Joke from my daughter:

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are destined to merge. Their inevitable name? "You Twit Face."

hollizster_babe3 said...

hehe awh dad you're such an amazing writer!!
I love you <3 :)

FaithBarista Bonnie said...

Nope.. It's called a, RAD I O."


Good story and even greater reminder. Thanks, Doug. No dropped calls with this "phone". :)